Funny How Things Come Full Circle-The Can of Worms Better Left Sealed

LOL… A case that had no interest of the DOJ until Joe Biden was a strong candidate to oppose Trump should be turned over to a special prosecutor to dispel any notion of politicizing the case?



Trump’s campaign was of no interest to the DOJ or FBI until he started running for POTUS was it?


It was of no interest to the DOJ or FBI till they started coordinating with a foreign government, prior to Trump’s candidacy he seemed to be focused more on regular fraud and corruption…

I have read this sentence a few times and have decided that the logic of it eats itself.

It is a verbal black hole.


Which never happened according to Mueller. Russians offered dirt, and the campaign rejected those offers.

No, try again.

The only reason an investigaton was launched was because he began his run for POTUS.

If we’re going to be consistent then Joe and Hunter need to be answering to a special counsel as well.

Wouldn’t that be when the crime actually occurred? What sense would it make to investigate BEFORE the crime occurred?

Shokin is a very fine person, and Solomon a crackerjack reporter who totes has read all this evidence upstanding Mr. Shokin has been “stonewalled” from presenting.

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That is the exact opposite of what the report says.

No crime actually occurred so it’s a false premise.

That’s exactly what Mueller testified to.

Cite from the report the instances of an illegal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russians because he said he could not prove one occurred.

If I were a liberal I would want to deflect to

For you apparently.

John Solomon is a hack. Your article isn’t even current.

Oh crap- I just noticed that.

Well- Solomon’s “bombshell” is coming out today. You’ll see…

Who needs “dirt” on her. Just listening to that shrill voice for 3 minutes is enough to vote for Satan if that is your only choice.

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Nice to see you base your vote on depth and substantive things like the sound of someone’s voice…

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Just tune her out and imagine war drum playing…

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It’s going to be pushed around conservative blogs all day and ignored by actual journalists.

Op is false.

In other news, trump sniffled through a press conference yesterday leaving many wondering what he is putting up his nose.