Funny How Things Come Full Circle-The Can of Worms Better Left Sealed

So the outcry over Trump’s phone call to the Ukranian President is reopening a can of worms the democrats would have been much better off keeping sealed.


2014 Biden is made the point man for US FP in Ukraine.

Shortly thereafter in May Hunter and Biden’s former 2004 Campaign Adviser Devon Archer, neither of which have any experience in Ukraine or the energy sector are appointed to Bursima’s board.

2015 an investigation is launched into corruption targeting Bursima and both Young Biden and Archer are targeted for interviews.

2016 Biden begins pressuring Ukraine to fire the proscutor and finally levels a clear threat to withhold 1.5Bn in loans from the IMF.

Six hours later he’s gone and the money is transferred shortly thereafter.

Now that this is blowing up over the phone call Biden will soon be thrown under the bus and chased out of the campaign, and the far left candidates will takeover, exactly what Pelosi and the few sensible democrats have feared all along.

I say great, bring it on, let’s appoint a new Special Counsel to dig up all the dirt there is to be found and if anyone can be prosecuted do so in a timely manner and to the full extent of the law.

Joe’s own mouth and the rabid Impeachment mob are going to be their own downfall.


Trump didn’t tell me to do anything. How about addressing the op instead of trolling the thread and trying to derail it?

Why, after almost three years in office, is this suddenly a concern of the administration? The administration has teams of lawyers in the DOJ who focus on FCPA violations with no shortage of funding and multiple indictments this year alone.

Oh boy a former veep. Have at it.

Meanwhile elizabeth warren is the nominee and you ain’t got ■■■■ on her.



How specifically would FCPA even apply in the case of either of the Biden’s?

You failed to answer the questions, care to try again or will you simply deflect again as usual?

What federal crimes would a special prosecutor be investigating for crimes that occured in a foreign country?

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Quit dodging and answer the question if you can.

You are proposing a special counsel to prosecute “to the full extent of the law”… I assume someone making that proposal would have some idea of what law they think have been violated. I am merely asking what federal laws you think were violated.

Otherwise, it sure sounds like you are just asking for an investigation for purely political purposes…

I’ll ask again… What federal laws do you believe were violated? Why is the Trump administration, after three years, suddenly interested in the Bidens?

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So once again you dodge the question. Let me help you out since you appear totally flummoxed.

Let’s start with any and all statutes related to influence peddling, money laundering and corruption.

I know, let’s start with requesting ten years of tax records from everyone involved and their corporations!

Why is the can of worms better left sealed?

Isn’t it good for the electorate to know about potential conflicts before the vote?

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When those crimes occur on foreign soil, they are prosecuted under the FCPA… Here is a case prosecuted in 2013 by the Obama administration for a case the occurred in Ukraine.

Is there some reason why the Trump administration is unable to investigate these allegations with their own DOJ team focused on the FCPA?


I think we’ve been over that. Try reading the thread.

What bribes is Hunter or his "partner’ accused of offering?

How would Joe be prosecuted under FCPA?

The same reason the investigations into the “Russian Collusion” hoax had to be turned over to a special prosecutor, because of the political implications involved.

No… I don’t think that we have.

The title of the OP is “The Can of Worms Better Left Sealed”

I disagree with that.

I don’t think that the electorate should be kept ignorant.

Do you?

Ah John Solomon has released his “big bombshell”.

As a primer for how big…or rather, how small…a “bombshell” this is going to turn out to be, I suggest people do some research on Kostiantyn Kulyk.

That is all.


Then read the thread instead of just the title.

Hunter’s board seat, if granted corruptly, would be a violation of the FCPA. Money laundering is definitely covered under the FCPA.

So back to the question, why after three years in office, is this suddenly a concern of the Trump administration? Is there new evidence?

Have you ever personally certified compliance with the FCPA?

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Hey… lay off of Solomon.

In the article in the OP, Solomon totally interviewed Shokin and Shokin totally pinky sweared that he was on the cusp of going after Burisma but was stopped by that big old meanie head Biden.

It’s suddenly of interest because democrats decided to make a big deal of it again and Joe bragged about his part in it.

Once again your question has been answered, because of the political implications it should be turned over to a special prosecutor to dispel any notion of politicizing the case.

The same reason by which Mueller was appointed.