Full Durham report

You do know that’s still happening?


Yes of course

I just watched the doc on Boston bombing.

I know people will watch it for history and completely miss out on the rampant violation of civil rights and more importantly a little sidebar about the fbi being able to detain and interrogate suspects without mirandizing them or offering them protection of legal counsel.
Scary stuff

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TOO LATE- our Republic is already torn apart DougBH with little hope of repair anytime soon.

And hunker in, this ride to the General Election is surely going to get a lot more uglier too…

After all, the Dems apparently have no stop gaps in mind. Trust me their efforts will only intensify. They will not stop short of anything less than imprisoning President Trump AND want him taken off the ballot forever to boot.

Keeping the faith though. I believe with a GOP controlled lower chamber, the Supreme Court composition majority held by conservatives and most of all God, gives us a fighting chance.

Frankly, I am sick of Republicans like DeSantis and Scott who are NOT more aggressively joining people like Congress members Jordan, Comey, Greene and the like and screaming from the rafters for FBI and DOJ reform including impeachments of the ring leaders…how about you?

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The Durham reports shows there are two types of people in the MSM and Dem party.
Those who lie and those who are easily fooled. Which are you?

And there is another segment that can never admit they were wrong. They still wear masks …


The FBI knowingly used Hillary’s made up campaign smears to spy on Trump.

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Yes, and Don’t forget that McCain was in on using the IRS to stop conservatives from legally organizing for elections… How long has the federal govt been interfering in our elections?


What hsppens to the statute of limitationson past lying to congress, if the GOP wins the house, senate and presidency, and the people who have lied to congress are subpoenaed and questioned again? Will their new lies be actionable?

What if the GoP house and senate pass legislation that makes it illegal for government agencies to withhold information from oversight committees?


Really! How did the Covid lock downs work for you? People could not go to work, they could not go to church, kids could not go to school and if you didn’t get vaxxed you lost your job, lost your freedom of movement and travel

All our freedoms were restricted under the hoax of necessary emergency policies for our health. It was a bunch of BS that caused more harm & death than the pandemic itself.

There will always be a USA country, but in the future will it look like what the Founding Fathers envisioned or more like what Karl Marx envisioned!!


You probably have no such proof in writing, as if you did we would have already saw it posted.

:rofl: Come on man!


That would truly start a constitutional crisis as we have this thing called separate branches of government with separate powers. None of the branches is subservient to the others. In the end, the Congress does get the last word if it chooses to use it and if both houses agree.

I think you have missed some things.

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How can you do oversight when the agency being overseen is free to withhold whatever information they wish? I think the new legislation should also include severe and swift reprisal for oversight committee members leaking legitimately confifential material.

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Isn’t it already illegal to withhold documents if they have been subpoenaed and the people withholding the documents are held in contempt? The problem is enforcing the contempt charge.


How does the congress hold the DoJ to account for not enforcing legitimate subpoenas by oversight committees?

Congress has a legitimate need for oversite, and the executive has a legitimate need for privilege. Weighing those out is what happens. In no case does the Congress have a need for every single thing it asks for. What legitimate need did Congress have for tax records from Trump 10 years before he was President? What legitimate need does congress have to learn advice the president may or may not have been given that he did not act on? Unless its a criminal inquiry where intent could matter, what legitimate need does the congress have to know “why” the President does anything?

Agreed. But who arbitrates in a dispute berween the Executive and an Oversight Committee regarding whether withholding is legit. The Judiciary?

yes, that is their job, to resolve disputes.

Given the precedent Jim Jordan and others set of ignoring subpoenas from the J5 Committee, how can you even imagine that all the villains you see won’t use Jordan’s action as precedent and tell your heroes to pound sand?

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Was it wrong then? Illegal?