Freedom of the Press?

On May 10, San Francisco police officers carrying a sledge hammer, and with their guns drawn, raided the home of a journalist named Bryan Carmody. They handcuffed him for six hours and seized tens of thousands of dollars of his equipmentalong with his confidential work material. They had one goal: to learn who had leaked a police report to him about the death of longtime San Francisco public defender Jeffrey Adachi.

What the literal ■■■■■ Have this police in this country lost their collective minds? You pull guns to serve a warrant on a reporter? You zip him up and leave him for 6 hours?

We are going to have to do something about these people and the judiciary who lets them run rampant sooner or later.

This happened in the United States of America in 2019.

And CNN blaming Trump. Despicable.

CNN didn’t blame Trump. Despicable.

Yeah, they did. In that mealey-mouthed, out the side of the face way a lot of libs have perfected.


Fox News.

Tombstone Nugget

Almost the entirety of the article doesn’t mention trump at all just stop already.

Here is the paragraph, near the end of a fairly long opinion piece decrying some crazy ■■■■ happening in California:

President Trump’s rhetoric against the press, including calling members “the enemy of the people,” has rightly been criticized. But if there isn’t more outrage and accountability around the San Francisco raid, other local law enforcement agencies will feel free to engage in the same dangerous conduct.

That’s hardly CNN blaming Trump. Jeez.

Are you joking? It’s the first sentence in the automatic synopsis!

You stop.


That’s the Grade-A jackbooted stuff right there. It sure would be nice if the departments themselves had to pony up the settlement cash instead of the city.

Garbage in, garbage out.

He won’t even get an apology.

Click the link and read.

I read it before I posted it. Look at the link lay out.

They could have done without one sentence Trump mention, it’s not like cracking down on the press only happened once Trump deemed them enemies of the American people. But I also don’t care.

One of the defining characteristics of victims of propaganda.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: and you claim to be a member of the press. Yeah, my 4th point of contact.

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The libs are more concerned about defending CNN for attacking Trump than the 1st Amendment being violated.

There are no strong democratics willing to stand up to the jack-booted thugs in San Francisco, the shining star city of liberalism.


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They didn’t actually blame Trump, they just gratuitously and for no reason threw his name in the article.
Its guilt by made up association when there is none.

So he never attacked the press?

Get a crying towel.

From a “professional journalist”.