Freedom of speech

And now they have taken steps to “limit crowd noise” ie censor their fans.

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I know… there is no way that a Nascar reporter could have misheard a crowd while interviewing someone named Brandon.

■■■■ “insert President’s name here” is chanted all the time by normal people while watching cars drive in a circle real fast. One expects to see nothing but brash political discourse at the racetrack.

@Paul_Thomson… I am not a mod… but you should fix your filter bypass.

I am and you should do it quickly.

He passed the bipartisan infrastructure law this year.


They think that free speech was guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, like other normal people.

The odd thing about the American Revolution is that they didn’t want to cast aside their rightful English Common Laws, but to secure them as they then were.

Elsewhere men who, often rejecting Christ, wanted to do away with their common laws they derided them as arbitrary … but the joke was the only form of laws they had to offer in place of common laws is expressly arbitrary and subject to political fashion.

As I’ve occasionally pointed out, with Arbitrary government the only sense that there are any limits to the power of the government, that the people have anything like Liberty, is because some exercise of limitless power in all circumstances whatsoever is at present unfashionable or deemed imprudent at the moment to the elites and functionaries of government, the apparatchiks to borrow a word.

The founding fathers of this country mostly understood this and avoided it, while the fools leading the French Revolution embraced it and were consumed by it.

Either government is bound in chains of iron and the people are free or the people will ultimately be bound in chains of iron because the government is free.

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What software is that my dear Allan?


What are you saying, Kelly?

If it fixed infrastructure, I would have agreed. But it does not. All he did was sign on the line where he was told to sign.

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Allan, by the way a bunch of Dims and some RINOs voted for the failed infrastructure bill. It was a garbage bill to begin with.