Free will doesn’t exist

Since science has definitively proven free will is a figment of our imagination, isn’t it time we stopped blaming people for their actions? And before someone complains, yes it is a political subject touching on everything from cancel culture to criminal justice.

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Wut? If I can decide whether I want to do something or not.

Maybe if you could measure every neron you could make the statement free will doesn’t exist or maybe be able to predict someones future actions in a situation but that is impossible so for all intensive purpose how can that Statement be taken seriously.

What is the point of this. How would it effect anything one way or another.

Physics has long decided we live in a deterministic universe. It is the bedrock foundation of physics, show me a particle and I can predict what it will do and what happened before. Brains are of course more complex but just because we cannot now predict what it will do doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done given powerful enough computation. Not to mention the neuroscience evidence.

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Where has science proved that free will doesn’t exist?

I must have missed that groundbreaking discovery.

Even if free will doesn’t exist, why would it negate holding people accountable for their actions?

Um…no…physics has absolutely not decided we live in a deterministic universe.

Liberal friendly layman’s source.

Story by Stephen Cave

Amazing. Thanks for the laughs.

Yes it has. But if you don’t believe that let’s try neuro science. We have found the area of the brain that lights up when you make a decision. They hooked people up to EEG, gave them a choice and asked them to indicate when they reached a decision, decision center lit up on average a full seven seconds before subjects indicated they had reached a decision.

Read that entire argument.

It does not support the idea that if there is no free will, people should not be responsible/accountable for their own actions.

It offers a potential broadening of what that concept actually means.

What it says is there is no free will but we should act like there is.

the uncertainty principle would like to argue that point

the universe is run by probability…

Or consider people who have had their corpus collosum severed, that is what connect the two halves of your brain together. You can speak to both sides separately by using the corresponding ear. Both sides are conscious, sentient beings who report they feel no different then before it was severed. Think about the implication. Our un-severed brain and our consciousness is actually the product of two discrete consciousnesses. Which together make the decision before it ever rises to our consciousness.

There may be a second “brain” in the gut as well.

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Turns out there are problems with Heisenbergs results. And that thought experiment. Turns out the cat is alive or dead whether you look or not.

It may be that it’s consciousness all the way down to individual particles, not only that, consciousness may be all there really is.

This will blow your mind

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No that is but one of the arguments in that article,

Any comment on the two discrete intelligences that underlay yours and that you have no direct dialogue with?

They did.

I missed that.

Pseudo science I imagine.



Ok, that one experiment. Now do this one.