Free will doesn’t exist

Or this one that was aware of the problems with Libet and designed their experiment accordingly.

Free will is probably a myth. Humans are likely just meat-and-chemical machines that take in stimuli and produce responses based on complicated algorithms. If we truly understood how every particle in our bodies worked, we’d be able to predict human behavior exactly.

My dad who taught English and Philosophy would hate this.

I guess people with little imagination have less free will.

Advantage me: mine is hyperactive … so I must have lots of free will.

And there wouldn’t need to be a cure for cancer because we could simply use our brains to turn those cells off. Probably a function lost in the 90% of our brain that we stopped using, if you believe the myth that we only use 10% of it anyway. :crazy_face:

Corpus collosum evidence that your left brain is telling you a pleasant lie.

And notice that any argument by free will proponents acknowledges the current consensus in neuroscience is that, it doesn’t exist.

The uncertainty principle applies to a specific set of phenomena largely related to the motion of electrons. It’s not meant to apply to everything in the universe.

Horse and cart issues.

They may have become neuroscientists to begin with because they were less likely to accept free will as a concept.

As Lewis said, we can often get the science that we wanted.

Bingo, quantum rules do not apply to non quantum objects. Don’t expect a planet to materialize in a new location

Except from what I can tell and it has been asked, even most of them don’t believe it on a personal level, because it runs so counter to our intuition. They didn’t want to go there, the data drug them there.

Less likely is not the same as didn’t.

By the way, this wouldn’t mean you don’t lock up violent people because it wasn’t their conscious choice to do harm. You still lock them up to prevent them doing more harm to others. Just no need for a moral judgement to go along with it.

actually they do apply to non quantum objects. its just that in non quantum sized object the effect can be ignored because of the scale.
using a baseball sized object for example,the principle says that the measurement of the location can be off by as much 1x10-30mm.

I mean it should be obvious, every decision you make is the product of brain activity which is beyond your conscious ability to control. It’s not like you personally direct neuronal firings. No, your left hemisphere makes up a nice story for what you did after the fact. I mean, sure your brain made the decision, just not the conscious part.

Agreed. But free will is still a conceptual construct of the philosophy of choice. You can choose yes or no, good or bad right. That is free will. But I am quite sure those decisions are made due to brain chemistry not some inherent concept of free will that exists in mind.

It’s an interesting dichotomy of what is organic and what is philosophic.

Or perhaps, it is simply that your right or wrong is the result of processing information and stimuli that lies outside your conscious experience. Right or wrong still exist and it is still part of you making that choice, just not the conscious part of you that we consider to be you. That the definition of you is broader than your conscious self.

However, should people be held morally and socially responsible for acts beyond their direct conscious control.

On a fundamental level, there is zero difference between you and the entirety of the cosmos. Any decision you make, the universe is making that decision.

You are jumping ahead heh.

Can’t help it, I’m already in the Isn’t, speaking from the Is. :wink: