FoxNews rails against vaccine passports while implementing one…

The CDC should issue guidelines. Anything beyond that is overstep on their part.

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I might considerate in exchange for you (c) considering voting ID

Why isn’t Voter ID equally tyrannical?

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Looks like an appeals court has lifted the CDC cruise ship restrictions.

A victory for Florida and Desantis. :+1: :clap: :clap: :clap:

p.s. Saw it on the Newsmax ticker tape.

Seems more like getting carded when entering a bar.

I read Fox-news regularly and have no feeling that the company has some sort of campaign against vaccines going on. Those making such a claim usually have some out of context statement by some opinion commentator who does not represent the overall opinion of the company.
The article in the OP says more about CNN than about fox-news.

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The CDC is not a business, it is a government function wanting to regulate a business.


Desantis told the businesses in Florida that they can’t asks for vaccine verification. He did not ask the CDC

Ok. I would oppose that part.

Why would you oppose that?

Once you (c) start doing that you are going down a slippery slope of creating two classes of people.

Yeah they keep trying to misrepresent what i said.

I made it clear that it was the CDC that was forcing the cruise line to demand vaccine passports.

I figure what is really upsetting them is that CDC got slapped down. :grinning:


So big government telling private businesses they cannot limit customers based on their own criteria is a good thing now?


No, what is important is the CDC providing guidelines. They have no authority to enforce restrictions.

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But the cruise lines want to follow the CDC guidelines, and DeSantis won’t let them.

What he is fighting for is not to allow a two tiered society and overreach by the CDC.

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This is so silly it’s not even funny.

But I get that it’s where we are in this country right now.

All I can say is thank goodness we defeated smallpox before this attitude took sway.

Lots of “wrong” is wrapped up in your observation. (Nothing wrong at all with what you observed though.)

DeSantis should not be stopping the business from conducting business as it sees fit. A cruise line absolutely SHOULD be allowed to take whatever medical precautions it deems necessary. (Consumers can choose whether or not to patronize the business based on those business decisions.)

On the flip side, cruise lines shouldn’t need CDC to tell them how to run their business. Even if CDC is slapped down for imposing restrictions, cruise lines shouldn’t need to hide behind CDC to make a tough decision.

DeSantis is right to oppose the CDC here. He’s wrong to oppose the individual businesses though.

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We shall see what happens and what side Desantis falls on next.

Because the first Royal Caribbean cruise under the suspended guidelines took place, and already, unvaccinated passengers are complaining they are being treated like “second class citizens” because RC is giving those passengers with proof of vaccination more run of the ship. If you have no such proof, you are limited to your cabin and other limited activities.

The decision to do this was totally Royal Caribbean’s.

Somehow I don’t think Desantis is going to be on RC’s side.

Vaccine passports are illegal in the State of Florida.

The cruise liners have ports in Florida.

So who has more authority? The CDC or the laws of the State?

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The Congress can regulate interstate/international commerce….it’s in the Constitution.

The CDC was empowered by Congress. All federal agencies are.

There’s your answer.