FoxNews rails against vaccine passports while implementing one…

…for its employees.

While it’s a voluntary program, employees who do it can bypass daily health screens when they report to work, something people who do not report their vaccine status cannot avoid.

Get vaccinated…get benefits the unvaccinated/non-reporters don’t get.

Do as we say…:rofl::rofl:


I would gladly share my vaccination status to not have to do daily check ins anymore.

Those things are more than useless to keeping Covid off of a TV set.

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I will bet you dollars to dog nuts that every one of the Fox News personalities have been fully vaccinated.

Whether they have been or not has absolute zero to do with the idea of enforcing vaccine passports.

Don’t you realize that??


Is tucker (the vaccinated) going to bitch about fox and their passports?

Vaccine “passports” are way too close to the old "Papers Please" certain authoritarian countries used to demand.

Saw where Desantis is going to appeal to the SC about the lower court ruling allowing the CDC to force cruise lines to demand vaccine passports.

Good for him! :+1:


The cruise lines aren’t on DeSantis’ side.

The cruise lines want to demand vaccine passports - that’s why Norwegian filed an amicus brief against DeSantis’ law, and all the other cruise lines are making passengers who don’t volunteer proof of vaccination to pay more, and banning them from parts of the ship.

It is pretty easy to prove that you aren’t a disease vector.

You guys are always saying that you don’t want government regulating how businesses function. And then you back what DeSantis is doing? I don’t get it.

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My wife and I go on cruise lines and both of us would only go now if we knew that everybody on board was vaccinated. You would think that DeSantis would be doing everything he could to get the cruise ships on the water again and making that tax money. And if he pushes it, how many of them might just leave Florida?

Vaccine records have been required for decades for many institutions.

Hardly anyone bitched about them…until now in this age of Toxic Individualism.

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Love small government conservatives sticking their noses into private enterprises.

Hang on don’t cruise lines, being ships, come under international marine law, IMO and SOLAS, and not national or regional laws?

On an internal basis, FOX has gone much more liberal after the son took the reins while many of their hosts are very conservative. As time goes on, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out since those hosts are responsible for a lot of the FOX revenue.

I am getting a bit concerned about putting my money where my mouth is. I am currently looking for a remote job because I am concerned about being required to put something in my body that I don’t want to.

Fox was hypocritical for doing this.


The son is more to the right than his father.

Love authoritarian leftists. Is the CDC a private enterprise? :thinking:

The cruise lines are.

Cruise ships are.