Foxnews different today?

FOXNEWS fair and balanced is not fair or balanced. They’re out numbered 20 to 1 against liberal media outlets.
Based on Foxs actions and choice of messages they put on. I’d say there is a good chance they’ll becoming one of them!!!. What do you think ? Can they change?

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There are other trusted conservative news networks besides FOXNEWS. Have you checked out OANN or World Net Daily?


Dont forget Breitart.


Some people are saying Gateway Pundit is incredibly reliable.


I would also add Drudge Report to that list.

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I only get my news from 4chan. #weareQ

And sometimes from my grandparents’ mass emails.


A new start up site is just the news. They’re still working, developing the site and adding new writers, reporters.

John Solomon, Sharyle Attkisson

And then there is OAN One Amerca news This is more of pro Trump outlet but does have some good info but mostly copies other networks.

Drudge Report sucks…they link to tabloid sites or paywall sites.


The more FWDs the more truth.


I find Infowars and The Gateway Pundit to be fairly good news sources for getting the TRUTH. There has never been a time when getting REAL news has been so easy.


Why would you want a pro Trump outlet? Wouldnt the ideal news organization would not be pro or against.

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Where did OP go? I was hoping they would stick around.

However, seeing as how the thread got moved to Outside The Beltway I can see why it would get lost.

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Babylon Bee. An incredible source of non-partisan, objective journalism.

Except when it’s satire.

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I doubt it. Their business plan puts them number one in the ratings. It would be really stupid to change. Their only job is to attract and keep an audience. CNN has not figured this out yet. Which is why they are getting killed.

The Daily Ledger and Tipping Point are like concentrated truth.

I lost my access when I moved and switched cable companies. I miss the truth.

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People have lives outside of the internet. He’s not glued to the keyboard. Maybe he had to cut the grass?

I hope they are able to find their thread when they get back since it got moved. New people are always welcome on this forum.

Yes! :point_up_2:

CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, are all pro lib outlets. Does that bother you? They’re all pro Biden ATM.

Any media outlet that shows bias bothers me.

i recommend you check out the Babylon bee. they are the only decent site fro true conservatives