Fox News throws Judge Jeanine under the bus, panders to the regressive left 😠

A most disturbing decision by Fox. All Americans should stand by the common sense of Judge Jeanine. Sharia law is fundamentally incompatible with not American values. It’s also fundamentally incompatible with many values leftists claim to hold dear such as secularism and gay rights, but it seems that Muslims are higher on the victimhood totem pole than gays and non-believers.

Judge Jeanine is a voice need more than than ever in these troubled times.

Uh huh…write a letter…

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YOu mean that screaming harpy?


I’m particularly disturbed by their magic underwear. So anti-American.

It’s about time Fox deals with its racism, islamophobia and homophobia. If they won’t do it themselves at least advertisers will make them.

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She’ll be back next week, she’s one of fat donald’s favorites.

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Pirro says she only asked a question of whether or not Omar’s hijab is indicative of her adherence to Sharia to invite a discussion but the way she phrased it certainly sounded accusatory.

BTW, Milo has been banned from Australia.


Leave it to the typical Fox viewer to be outraged that Fox did the right thing for once.


Can you quote where Omar has said she supports Sharia law?

Didn’t think so.

Common sense and Pirro do not go together. Sorry, but they do not.

Where is the OP getting the idea that Omar does not respect the constitution and wants to put Sharia Law above the constitution?

Yep. They like the hate speech being presented.

Letgo, Novo Nordisk and NerdWallet are the three companies who pulled their advertising. I don’t remember them crossing my path before but I’ll look for them in the future.

Judge jeanine spends every night waxing about how bad and wrong everyone else is. Appareny her and her listeners can dish it but cant take it

Trump trying to give a rah-rah speech to Fox News right now on twitter.

Fox News muzzling poor Jeanine…this is a sign that Fox News is becoming Fake News!

Or…perhaps…Fox News was Fake News all along?


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Yep, and dog whistling as well.

Who in the world sits home on Saturday night to tune into this harridan?


My Dad loved her shrieking, especially about Obama.

She provides an outlet for the impotent rage they felt in their older, white, and bigoted identity.


Totally not a white nationalist.