Fox News throws Judge Jeanine under the bus, panders to the regressive left 😠

Unbelievable this numbnut spends so much time with his TV and his phone.

Sick and sad.

I remember when Target went out of business in your state.


Well, 1st, her name. Then, she is brown. Additionally, she wears that thing on her head. The final straw, she is a Muslim. Obviously not a real 'merican.

Kind of funny, as most Republicans/Conservatives always say they answer to the (their) god first. God before country. Etc…etc…

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Easy on the eyes; not so the ears.

How’s this work, then? You haven’t ever purchased anything from them before, but now you’re going to go out of your way to not purchase anything from them? Do you keep a running list of companies that have offended you, lest you might inadvertently buy something from them? I admire the dedication, I guess?


Pirro…Pirro…that name sounds foreign…maybe Italian? You know…they are all catholic and in thrall to the Pope. Can’t trust them being loyal to the U.S. over what the Pope says…

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Good. Hopefully they back the bus up and run her over a couple of times. Nasty woman.

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He destroyed his Keurig. Smashed his volvo. All part of showing support.

Well this sounds like a formula for an absolutely devastating boycott.

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One whole night? How could they!?

Ah were the big bad companies mean to one of your racist heroes?


Yawn…cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it.

Fox news finally doing something they should have been doing. I hope that jackass Tucker Carlson is next.

She’s full Lebanese. Both her parents were born in Lebanon. Her last name is from her ex-husband (a convicted felon) who’s of Italian heritage.

Pirro hasn’t tweeted since 3/9 when she had the Qanon (who the NZ terrorist followed) queen Sara Carter.


Lock Her Up!

Probably burned his Nikes too…

Rumor is Glenn Beck and O’Reily are coming back.

Like I predicted, she’ll be back.

She shouldn’t be back.