Fox News poll: Trump disapproval rises to near record

So are polls good now or nah? Lol Trump is going to lose his mind over this

Fox News isn’t what it used to be!


Subverted by the Deep State lib mob media. Sad!

Seriously though, was it the Dow dropping, farmers getting schlonged, or something else?

59% said they were unhappy with the direction the country has taken? Balderdash!

We just need a few more months for the tax cuts to kick in, be patient!

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It was the disarray. And the tide pods. And the emojis.

It’s almost like there’s a daily media coordinated attack to bring about this very result.


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Hey - he’s breaking records now. I guess he’s finally winning at something.

Congratulations Mr. President!

I know he’s worked hard for this.

The media is very very mean and very very unfair to Donald. Best POTUS in the history of probably ever but the Common Man would never know it because the Enemy of the People convinces us Donald is terrible. Sad!


Whoa man, that was like deep.


Great point. They’ve been fair and even-handed in their coordinated daily attacks.

Why didn’t I see it before now?


Yeah, it’s not the child on Twitter who can’t out negotiate a wet paper bag.

You do a lot of wet paper bag negotiating do you?

What ever happened with that whole collusion gimp thing you all were so involved in?

Fortunately Donald’s Great Work and the sacrifices he’s made to MAGA can’t be kept from the People forever. The truth will out!

The truth, or facts?

Or Trumpcare.

The whining about this. It’s incessant.

You really think vlad’s gonna let y’all win next year?


It will be investing to see how low it goes if the economy starts to drop.

Or wiping out the national debt.