Fox news poll has biden AHEAD in Texas

its within the margin of error but the latest fox news poll shows biden ahead 45-44 in Texas of all places.
10% are undecided but of those 10% 52% disapprove of trumps performance while only 34% approve

expect a trump twitter tirade tomorrow especially since the other fox polls of the day are more bad news

It’s not just Texas - it’s North Carolina and Georgia too. NC I can kind of see - but if he’s having this much trouble in GA and TX, he’s toast. And this is a Fox poll - their audience should be favorable to Trump.

Trump is going to be very angry with Fox News lol.

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only if the interns fail to their job at fastforward the Tivo and removing the polls from his desk

As I have iterated numerous times, the suburban belt around Atlanta is driving Georgia towards purple and the similar belt around Charlotte (plus the growth of Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) has already turned North Carolina purple.

Texas is not far behind.

I don’t think Biden will QUITE carry it, but it won’t be long before Texas goes purple.

The effectiveness of Biden’s low key approach to campaigning is an interesting turn of events. Letting Trump suck all the air out of the room media wise isn’t such a bad idea when people don’t want a gibbering buffoon to amuse them anymore, but a president to soberly handle a crisis.


Yes and Beto will Be our next governor too! :rofl: :smiley: :rofl:

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It’s beginning to sink in his ignorant brain.

Texans in my company’s Dallas office, Republicans almost to a man, are not delighted with the current governor‘s response to this crisis.

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A rare burst of self-awareness there.


Its over. As of mid June, Trump is behind by 12 percentage points nationally.

What does Trump have in 2020 that he didn’t have in 2016?

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Cruz won in a mid-term election 50.9%–48.3%. This gave a lot of pundits pause. It will be awhile before Texas turns purple. But the demographics in the state are moving. Thirty years ago the Democrats had a solid hold in Texas. It quickly turned when Bush took out Richards for Governor. But now there are the indicators that it is starting to flip back. The central areas of blue are still in the metro areas in the big cities.
However there has been a increase of border counties that are trending blue because the land owners there are mad at Trump trying to take their land for the fence build. The high-tech expansion in the state that Richards started when she was Governor keeps bringing in folks. And it has been shown that a majority vote Democrat. The rural areas remain very red and are a big voting block depending on turnout.
And I really don’t know how much concern there is in the RNC for Texas. They have held the Governor and Senators for a lot of years. If they get complaisant about their position here, they might very well get surprised.

National poll.

You are correct to point this out.
And it also has to makes me wonder how accurate the polls will be this year. A lot has changed.
Polls used to be based on land-line connections. They were split between anyone who would answer or possible voters. Then they went to possible voters. And then probable voters. Head spinning yet?
And then throw in unskewed polls. I will stay with five-thrirty-eight.

A four year public record?


Exactly. Trump ran on the fact that he was unknown in 2016. He had some good tag lines like drain the swamp. And now we know he didn’t drain the swamp but made it deeper and badder.
There were those who voted for Trump because they hated Clinton. Certainly a different deal now.
I am seeing landslide as this will be a turnout race. Film at eleven.


He’s running for governor now ?

Winston Wolf: “Let’s not start…” (quote truncated to avoid TOS violation,)

The committed enthusiasm of 2008 and 2012 seemed to evaporate two years later. You’re right - this will be a turnout election. And turnout is critical. Because Trump allies in purple and red states will do everything they can to prevent mail-in voting, force thousands of election-day voters to go to one precinct etc.

And voter suppression will be front and center. If the Republicans try to pull off some overly obvious tactics they will be exposed for the vote cheaters they want to be.