Fox News Military Guest: Torture Is Good, ‘It Worked on John McCain’

and the ones i know have no problem sending other people’s kids to fight in wars (and potentially lose their lives) all over the place. i’ve always said they’re not PRO military. they’re pro USE of military.

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Again, not an outlier. This is what republicans think.

I would hope not.

The bull ■■■■ “apology” doesn’t matter - it’s been on Fox News, so now Trump will believe it’s true. He’ll bring it up sometime down the road (knowing how classy Trump is), and Trump’s gullible sycophantic followers will repeat it as fact. McCain has been Fox’ed.

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It’s Fox News. We can’t even be sure this guy was really in the Military.

That’s true. Or of he was he might have been Joe ■■■■ the Ragman.

Nice avatar.

Captain John McCain served more than honorably. He stayed with his crew when he could have gone home. Very few have upheld the Code of Conduct to the level he did.

Senator John McCain was a sell out big government Republican. Hobbits and Mordor? Jack ass.

Yep. That’s the truth.

Heck. You saw it here. People here in this forum who voted for McCain started mocking him after the president did. This will just for the r that trend.

John McCain’s experience in 'nam is completely relevant to Business.

What a network that fox is. My god. They should issue an apology and ban that guy for life. Instead they will probably give him a show.

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Since Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney is a 35 year decorated veteran of military service there could be some truth to the “songbird” comment that is insider, as within the military community, information. I don’t think Charles or Fox News should have been so quick to apologize and instead maybe pressed the General for further clarification. JMO

The Republican party ladies and gentleman.

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again, i’m just shocked that people, like this guy and those around me, took so long to show everyone who they really are. they’re just not good people.

i can only hope that decent people stand up and kick the vile ones to the curb at some point.

You’ll see pigs fly before that ever happens at Fox “News”.

If anyone has read or heard McCain speak about his time as a POW, you will know it was harrowing and the torture he endured was almost unspeakable. Many of the injuries he suffered resulted in permanent damage. This is why, for example, he can’t lift his arms above his head.

John McCain is a war hero, a patriot, and a man who endured suffering 99% of us could never imagine.

Criticism of his political decisions is fine of course, as it is with any politician. Saying ANYTHING against his military service and devotion to country is disgraceful and disgusting.


Not in this case. Charles seemed genuinely shocked at what was said.

And who can forget Neil Cavuto’s epic rant from last week?

What an ass!

That it came from a fellow man of the military is especially disgusting. Has that person apologized yet?

Spend like ten minutes researching McCain and his time in captivity and you will see how idiotic this post is.

“He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”