Fox News' John Roberts bravely counters Trump calling NBC and CNN "fake news"

Got to give John Roberts props for going on the air on Fox and telling his viewers (and maybe Trump) that both NBC and CNN aren’t “fake news” and their reporters aren’t dishonest. Hope this doesn’t get him fired.


Did John pay any attention to the question she asked? I doubt it.


Which brings up a good question as to why aren’t more Fox journalists doing the same thing Roberts did?

Probably looking at the money being made by being a partisan tool the night crew is making and do not want to upset that potential.

He’ll find a childish tweet by Donald dedicated to him soon, and of course Trumpists calling him a dirty Donald hatin’ lib.

When Trump calls something “fake news” you can pretty well take it to the bank that it is true. Truth is Trump’s arch enemy. And very soon I believe that he and his staff will be working overtime trying to combat all of the “fake news” that will be showering down on them. Film at eleven.


Can we all agree now that Fox…is fair and balanced? :sunglasses:

One incident doesn’t make Fox “fair and balanced.” I might change that if more on-air people said that, including our host.

I wish he would’ve bravely did it to Trump’s face.

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He has to associate with and work in close proximity with other WH reporters who he knows can and will make his life lib-miserable if he doesn’t sooth their bruised ego’s. Also he may not work for Fox News forever and he might need a job at another network some day and by the way John your “honest” gal-pal really asked an insulting, baiting, biased and dumb question which seems to be the norm for those other networks.

People like shepherd smith may be fair and balance but as a whole foxnews is far from it! Foxnews and msnbc are one of the same but on opposite ends of the spectrum…

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how about a childish tweet from CNN vice president dismissing Roberts’ defense of CNN:

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I agree. What Trump is doing to discredit the press should not be tolerated by anyone. This should not be considered normal behavior by the President of the United States of America.

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And today, more “chilling” of reporters has begun, with Bolton’s interview canceled because the White House “won’t reward bad behavior” and Trump was “disrespected.”

Couple of years ago Rush explained why the Press Corps never asked Obama hard questions. “Because they’d never be called on again.”

And that was bad.

But now that Trump is doing it, well, he’s the ‘Maverick’ who won’t be pushed around.

It’d be nice if the members of the Press Corps would begin repeating the question the rival “fake news” network asked if Trump does that to again. Allow him to shut the whole thing down, because attacks on one of them is an attack on all.

A press that’s purpose is to promote an agenda and not to search for the truth, is fake news. It’s now almost impossible to find a “free press”.

I very much agree. They should be pushing back. I hope they start doing it.

Reporting government irregularities is not promoting an agenda or “fake news.” And if you can’t find a free press, you’re not looking very hard, amirite?

That wasn’t a valium you just swallowed.

I think that tweet was misguided. Roberts’ pushing back on the president was a good first step. Hopefully it will continue and other reporters will let the president know the free press will continue to report as they choose, not as he wishes. A source bowing to the president’s wishes is not a “free press.”