FOX news backs CNN lawsuit against POTUS?

Don’t worry- you’ll still have Breitbart, Gateway Pundit and Infowars.


10 robots.

You mean, there are some that no longer are trusting the plan? :rofl:

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Where’s O’Keefe and his Amazing Technicolor Pimp Outfit? We’re about due for another hugely explosive narrative shattering bombshell of an expose about media corruption.

Fox News is part of the media and there are some liberal loons who practice fake news there as well and when Rosen was attacked by the Obama Administration CNN stood up for FNS, so it’s not a big deal.

Murdock left his Fox News business to his liberal children, so it’s lucky we still have a Sean Hannity show and the likes of Jesse Waters, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson and Fox & Friends and the irreverence of libertarians like Greg Gutfeld and Kennedy & don’t forget the conservative firebrand Judge Jenine. I guess $money$ talks so the Murdock kids like being on top and so they have kept Fox News about the same, I’d say.


which of those are newscasters and which are opinion?

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Jesse waters, hard news journalist reporting the facts that America needs.

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So you don’t want a news outlet that claims to be “fair and balanced” to actually be, umm, “fair and balanced”??

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well i for one dont want fox to be fair and balanced

i want them to be on my team

Fair and balanced is a slogan that was never supposed to represent actual coverage.

Amazing reaction to Fox News defending freedom of the press.

Shakes head…

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Where does Trump nation go for truth when Fox betrays Donald (and therefore America)?

It makes sense. Obama wanted to freeze FOX out and CNN stuck with them and said they were not going to participate if that happened to FOX.

“Fair and balanced” was just locker room talk.


fox betrayed me

I believe they dropped that slogan a while ago.

i believe you are right now its “If Trump said it, it must be true”

“Fox News - Take Us Seriously, Not Literally”

“Fox News - The truth isn’t the truth”

Fox news- " we just don’t care anymore"

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