FOX news backs CNN lawsuit against POTUS?

Yes, “real news, real honest opinion.”

Where the honest opinion is that their real news is fake.


In fact, it applies to all the political activity and decisions. On both sides. And we’re becoming an ever-increasing society of revenge and spite.

But I don’t know why anyone thinks FOX is all that different from any other media entity. They’re all creatures of the industry, even if some lean one political direction and others leave the opposite. They still share the same industry “integrity” in the end.


Amazing that people think the Acosta issue is about freedom of the press.

Shakes head…

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If only they hadn’t accused Acosta of assaulting an intern, the revoking of his press pass likely wouldn’t have garnered the attention it did.

That made it clear it was a political thing…and court precedent has established the President doesn’t get to control attendance at a press conference for political reasons.

Trump may feel he “owns” the press room, but guess what?

He doesn’t.

And Fox News is sticking by CNN because it’s the right thing to do…the same way CNN stuck by Fox News when Obama was declaring his mini-war against them…and for the same reason.

A free press is quite different than a disrespectful turd attempting to make a name for himself. Good riddens to Acosta. Isn’t it weird how even his name fits…accost…a?

What we sometimes see, when politicians go overboard, is the press come together. That’s all this is.

At least a little.

I watched it live and he did touch her arm and did in fact force it down a little, I don’t think that is assault but by law it is. If a fox news journalist did this I would want him replaced as well. What he did was wrong and fox should not have supported this behavior.

Unfortunately, being a turd isn’t going to stand up in court as a valid reason to revoke his press pass.

If they lost a case where one journalist got into an actual fight with another journalist…you think they’re going to win this one?

Amazing though how you have a real problem with a journalist being a turd…but it’s a-ok if the President of the United States is one.


Because he broke no laws.

His arm was moving before her arm got there and it barely touched.

Get real- by law it isn’t even close to assault.

Which is why as soon as the lawsuit came out the white House dropped that stupid assault line as fast as they possibly could.


I sense disappointment that the White House and Fox didn’t persist in the lie that acosta assaulted a woman.

I don’t think that should really matter. He wouldn’t put down the microphone when Trump told him to.

Wouldn’t hurt to throw a few of his family members in for a few months as well. These enemies need to learn.


“Fair and balanced” is an advertising slogan. Like “Snap Crackle Pop,” “Finger Lickin’ Good” and “It Keeps Going, and Going, and Going…”. Nothing more.


“Make America Great Again”

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And “Democracy dies in darkness”

“All the news that’s fit to print”

“No spin zone.”

but i want the spin

the spin is entertaining

" lock her up"