FOX news backs CNN lawsuit against POTUS?

Is this true?
So FOXNEWS is the same as all the rest. I give up. Let the democrats take the election, it doesnt matter. America is lost.

hang tough brother

america always triumphs in the end

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Good job fox. Apparently you do have integrity.

Except vietnam but you know what i mean

Thank it occurred to them that if a Democrat becomes President what goes around comes around.

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That’s why democrats should never be allowed to regain power ever again.

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Not sure what “be allowed” means. Maybe the GOP can avoid counting all the votes or something.

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The news side is joining in. The opinion side (money makers)? Not so much.

as an aside whats going on at fox

last week the stories were fantastic

caravans and all kinds of good stuff

this week its a snoozefest about voter fraud

and they didnt even finish the caravan story

i wish theyd go back to what was good

Bro, trust the plan.


Good idea. That’s a start.

i haven’t kept up with the breadcrumbs crowd. wonder what they are up to?

So you think the FOXNEWS White House correspondent would act like Jim did to a Democratic President? We needed FOX to be strong like President Trump is against the rest of the MSM but it looks like they are one and the same. FOXNEWS is just playing the rightside. We (conservatives) really do not have an ally in the news. Election night started the opening of my eyes when they called the House first.

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It’s really disappointing that Hannity walked back his “fake news” comments when rallying for trump. No, I didn’t mean the journalists at our network, I meant the rest of them!

How can you be a news network when your opinion side says the opposite of what your news side reports. You’re either fake news, or they are con artists. Choose…or don’t choose because integrity is for suckers, #1 ratings wooooooooooooooo.

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I have, and it appears like the mid terms were the beginning of the end for these nutjobs, cultists are leaving in droves.


You’re right. We should boycott Fox News.

just remind yourself that the good guys almost always win and you will sleep well

thats what i do

works like a charm after i take my sleeping pill

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leaving to where is the question, people like that always migrate to another conspiracy and fester

This is absurd. I don’t know why Acosta isn’t in prison right now.

i’m always dumbfounded how actual adults can’t look far enough into the future to see that stuff they’re doing my come back to bite them.

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