Fox News: All Black woman look the same

in a mistake that I hope got someone fired, during a on air tribute to Aretha Franklin the network showed a photo of another woman and singer Patti LaBelle.

Fox News Channel on Thursday aired a photo of R&B singer Patti LaBelle in a tribute to the recently deceased Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

The photo of LaBelle was in the background of a title card depicting Franklin’s lifespan, an image that was broadcast on the cable network shortly after news broke that Franklin, 76, had died at her Detroit home Thursday morning.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Nothing but the best reporters.

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Now that’s quality reporting.

FoxNews addressed this advising that the graphic also had Aretha in it onstage with Patti but Aretha was obscured by the overlay graphic.


Problem is, Aretha never shared the stage with Patti at the event from which the photo was taken.

I doubt it was a journalist that loaded up the photo. More likely some lowly peon who did a google search and put the wrong photo into their editing process.

No one needs to get fired unless it was malicious.

This reminds me of the

Patti and Aretha essentially hated each other.

It’s like mistaking Tesla for Edison

It’s like they showed no rs pect.

Here’s two pictures of David Lee Roth.


I know right. Reporters like they have over at the Clinton news network. Oh wait…


Then don lemon says this…

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Fishburne and Jackson don’t look anything alike.

Seems like for some they do look the same

Here’s the picture.

No. You got it right the first time. All conservatives believe that all black women look the same. It’s in our DNA. We can’t help it. To us all black women look exactly like this.

YOU CRACK ME UP CANUCK!!! :rofl::grin::joy::grinning:

But you know that wasn’t CNN headquarters that made that mistake, just a local contract LA station.

You know that right…right…

And you did have to go back four years to dig that up.

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You know that ,because I pointed out probably, that other stations than fox news did this right? So my point stands.

You made one?

All the time, probably goes over young millenials head though. I guess I need to hand out participation trophies. I hear they are into stuff like that.