Fox News: All Black woman look the same

Boy … the silly things you liberals get your panties in a twist over. :laughing:

that didn’t happen at CNN, It happened at a CW affiliate in Los Angeles that is owned by Tribune Media.

The point is it other networks did the same as fox news but the other article I posted showed don lemon defending the gaffe stating sometimes people do look the same.

This is an outrage that would only happen in TRUMP’s 'merica. I blame collusion with the Russians.

I saw several comments on this in Yahoo News stating that this was NOT a mistake. Obviously it was meant to disrespect her.

Classy of the left to exploit Aretha Franklin’s death to attack a news organization they disagree with politically. (By that I am referring specifically to the treatment given the mistake by Yahoo News and many of the commenters)

and now…for today’s Miss Piggy episode, we bring you Fox News and a picture that depicted…rac…:sunglasses:

Way dumber than the original mistake.

Good job Foxnews!
Well, I guess the historical stereotype that we all look alike and know each other is true. LOL!

I think you all need to wear different hats. That would help us white folks.

I was making light of the situation. Relax dude. Geesh

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Oh come on, obviously the KKK is running Fox News, why else would they stoop to using the wrong picture of someone? Sure, I am struggling to come up with any conceivably racist reason to do it, but it is Fox News so there must be one somewhere.

Here’s a picture of Prince and Michael Jackson on stage together…

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Another example of conservatives unable to take personal responsibility. Instead of saying, “yeah, that was an unfortunate mistake Fox News shouldn’t have made” thete’s Lots of excuses and deflection.

Just a reminder that trump’s perp walk is inching closer.

Yes, they made a mistake, now tell me why I should give a crap.

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Maybe I should head down to the park and yell at eight year old outfielders who make unforced errors, you know, to be consistent about castigating people who make mistakes.

Fired? Nah.
If they had shown Maxine Waters, we could talk about firing.

you shouldn’t. Acknowledging a screw up doesn’t mean you care, it means you can be honest.

And here is some more pictures of him


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Do you work at fox? seem you kind taking this personalty in the way you are throwing shade for them.


Here’s another picture of him …

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