Fox headlines this morning

You have to drop the “alleged”. It’s no longer alleged for either of them.

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Damn…you finally found Russian collusion that Trump has been accused of and what this is all about? Nope.

I sit here shocked…Shocked! I say!

Yeah…someone decided to be a murderer?

This is really just he beginning.

Manafort has been found guilty of tax evasion…where did the money come from that he didn’t report? Hm?

And his NEXT trial is for acting on behalf of foreign countries without registering. Which country?

sorry - how ‘many’…

but I bet you knew that and chose to ignore the question.

‘Baaaaa’ says the sheep.

No. No Trump collusion with Russia…yet. According to Lanny Davis, Cohen has evidence and is willing to testify under oath that he did though.

Also, Donald Trump is now an unindicted co-conspirator in a conspiracy that could have directly led to him stealing the election. Which is a “high crime and misdemeanor”. Do you still support him, given this knowledge?

selective priorities. Innocent people are murdered every day. This is nothing more than propaganda by Fox. Good job eating it up comrade.

Wait what? Trump is now an unindicted co-conspirator? Link?

I’m on my phone. But did you not listen to the Cohen case yesterday? Trump and Cohen conspired to commit crimes prior to the election in paying off the pornstar and the Playboy bunny. Trump is not indicted, as a sitting President can not be indicted. Hence, unindicted co-conspirator.

Wait…what about Miss Piggy? Don’t leave her out. This is important stuff.

Umm no, unindicted co-conspirator has an actual legal meaning.


An unindicted co-conspirator is a person who is identified by a law enforcement officer to have engaged in a conspiracy, but who is not charged in the indictment charging that person’s fellow conspirators.

Which law enforcement agency identified Donald Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator?

I mean it’s probably going to happen but it hasn’t yet as far as I know. Cohen alleging it is not the same as law enforcement saying it.

What does a legal scholar have to say about all of this?

Oh…and what a coincidence…he’s on Fox News.

That’s exactly what the lead Prosecutor said in his presser yesterday. He just called him “Candidate” instead of referring to his name, which is standard protocol for someone not officially indicted. Did you not listen to the Cohen presser after he pleaded guilty?

Luv ya…mean it. :sunglasses:

That was a really weak deflection. Are you going to answer? Do you still support him, knowing now he was involved in a conspiracy to affect the outcome of the election?

Do you support a candidate that pays money to television, radio, newspapers, etc with the sole intent on affecting their election? It doesn’t sound like it.

Wait, a candidate conspired to win an election? Whoa.

Chik-a-boom, chik-a-boom…dontcha just luv it?:sunglasses:

So you make no distinction between legal advertising and paying off a porn star in an illegal fashion?