Fox headlines this morning

Headline is about an illegal immigrant who is being charged with murder.

Manafort is second headline. No mention of Cohen in front page.


The illegal murdering a citizen is an important story.

Besides, an illegal alien, murder suspect, of a white girl, that is like winning the trifecta for Fox Newsies.

It confirms so many biases.

It certainly TRUMPS any news from the “witch hunt”.



Yeah, yeah…cuz Manfort and Cohen murdered…?

There you have it folks.

Right on cue.

I’m sorry. Damn it. I put the lives of the innocent ahead of alleged tax fraud. Shame on me.

Were you outraged by the Colorado father who murdered his innocent kids and wife?

Do you mean the lying bastard who declared bankruptcy in 2015, lived way beyond his family’s means and was having an affair…all at the same time so he murdered his wife and two little girls? That Colorado father? Yes and it hurts deep with in my soul that this kind of evil is among us.

Fox’s front page this morning:

“Monster Down the Road”–Tibbetts story

“Pardon for Paul?”–Manafort in hopes of a deep cleanse

MS-13 story

Ocasio-Cortez story

Story about daughter saving mother on train tracks

Below those five important stories: “Ex-Trump Lawyer ‘More than Happy’ to Talk and Give ‘All That He Knows’: Lawyer”

So, it’s there. But you have to search for it.

But yes, following the newest loony, Trumpelstiltskin narrative: sure, let’s fill all of our news with local murder stories, because those are more important than any other news.

Sure, a local Iowan dead girl is more important than news surrounding the president of the United States, because oh look, a bird. Was that a cardinal?

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Can say the same about CNN- I had to scroll down about 5 screens before I found anything about the illegal mirderer.

Of course, because a local murderer is rarely national news.

Unless the girl is white and cute and the murderer is an illegal immigrant.

Thanks for lobbing that one underhanded.


The day after one of the biggest news days in years, credit Fox News for prioritizing a dead white girl from Iowa, because illegal immigrants stoke the rage of old white people.

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Mueller…is that you?

No, just a rational person. Surely, your brain understands that the conviction and guilty plea of two associates of the president of the United States is more newsworthy than a dead girl from Iowa, especially in light of the fact that there have been numerous dead white girls from numerous states over the same period.

Because, uh, local news. People die. Etc.

Oh, who am I kidding? You have no clue what I’m talking about.

Alleged you mean convicted.

All sorts of murders but their audience wants to hear about the undocumented immigrant.

Last night in my town, (this is true) four people were arrested for the murder of a young man - a Refugee from Africa in fact.

Not a word on the national news. Where’s the outrage?

Oh right. He wasn’t a pretty young white girl murdered by a dark skinned person we’re trying to get people to hate.


It’s like these idiots think that only one white girl has died over the last few days.

Do you know how murders happened yesterday? Or the day before? Or the day before? Why aren’t they the lead story day after day after day?

But this one was cute and white.

And the bad guy was an illegal.

So, uh, I rest my case, your honor.

Probably because someone not nationally known being murdered is usually local/state news.