Fox Business - Businesses swayed reopening plans

Thousands of pages of emails provided to The Associated Press under open-records laws show that governors across the U.S. were inundated with reopening advice from a wide range of industries — from campgrounds in New Hampshire to car washes in Washington. Some governors put economic interests ahead of public health guidance, and certain businesses were allowed to write the rules that would govern their own operations.

the article goes on to explain how many govs caved to business pressures.

I think this again shows how the lack of a strong federal response dictating the terms of reopening hurt our country.

of course they did corporation own the government.

I’m shocked, I tell you - shocked!

Especially when I see the number of signs posted around here saying that businesses won’t be liable if someone enters their facility and catches COVID - 19.

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One size dosn’t fit all.

My county has 3 active cases of Corona – average 1 new case every couple weeks with a population of 7k. Should we be treated the same as the big cities that have hundreds of cases weekly?

Of course not.

Why would it?

A unified federal response could certainly allow for tailored local responses.

The point here is, don’t make Govoners have to make these calls alone. It’s obvious they are subject to pressures. The Fed would be immune from local corporate pressures and that objectivity would serve us well…

Dictate as in, now we will call Trump a dictator if he did such a thing, or gee I wish I lived in a dictatorship? And there is nothing wrong with the government considering the needs of businesses. Where do you imagine the money to pay for government comes from?

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Yeah. The US needs a dictator as president … As long as it’s a globalist dictator who will do the UN 'and the CCP’s bidding.

I can’t wait to hear the wailing when voters report that Tom Wolf helped convince them to vote Trump and hand PA back to the President.

Government is SUPPOSED to listen to the people.

You couldn’t be more backward on this issue.


The damage being done to our economy, the food chain and peoples’ over all mental state…far exceeds the risk of the corona virus. So please…tell me again…why we should shut everything down?

Makes a handy club to beat Trump with.

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Don’t elect self-serving grifters as governors, when they are going to be the ones making decisions in crises. We get what we vote for.

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Uhhhhh they aren’t making the call alone. They are doing it in conjunction with what the CDC recommends. Utah keeps modifying it’s “color status” to match the latest recomendations from the CDC. Last update to the Utah color code system was last week – again based on CDC updating information for the states.

President doesn’t need to make any sort of proclamation or executive order or anything.

Early on, the president was holding regular sessions with the governors.

What else would you like the Federal Government (aka Trump) to do?

Snipped from the OP…

I think this again shows how the lack of a strong federal response dictating the terms of reopening hurt our country.

I can EASILY imagine the calls of “authoritarianism” from those here that are “sufferers of TDS”.

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Come on, it’s right there in the constitution, if there is a virus the President immediately becomes the governor of all fifty states.

Does anyone have a link to that presser where Mnuchin, Ross, Powell, Fauci and Birx were on stage together talking about the importance of balancing public health and economic risks?

This is a different federal than then one I’m used to.

The federal that I’m used to is no good a issuing Best Practices guidelines without also making them mandatory. (cf. no child left behind, 55 MPH,…)

Of course business swayed reopening. Competing goals.

Is this supposed to be insightful?


:rofl: Who would be the tailor? “Allow”.

Honest Opinion…

I do not believe that there is a need to shut everything down. Mask WORK. My wife is living proof. Someone with Asymptomatic COVID which was active, wore a mask while in close proximity to her. We were all tested this last week and we were all negative. Masks work. Social distancing works. Crowd size reduction works. If businesses were willing to open with these criteria in place, then there is no reason we can’t open things up.

But you can’t say, I am not going to follow these guidelines and expect the virus to be contained or controlled. As a business owner, if you want customers or clients back, you have to follow these new norms.

I go nowhere without a mask…and if I go to some business that doesn’t require masks, and I see people without masks. I DO NOT GO IN. That is on the business, not on me. My wife is negative and healthy today because her hair stylist takes all these precautions seriously.

It is what needs to be done. Open up but with common sense regulations on how to do it. I will not go to a restaurant to dine in…because where I live, they are not following guidelines. But I will order for delivery or pick up, and leave a gracious tip. I am doing my part to keep businesses running, but I don’t have to be stupid about protecting myself and my family to do it.


And I think the damage that has been done to our economy since April/May is because many many business owners did not want to take the steps to mitigate risk of transmission. Indiana has a Mask Order in place since July i think, and we are finally starting to see a decrease in cases, and transmission rate. In my county of 489,000 people, our positivity rate, hospitalization rate, ER rate, ICU rate and Death Rate for COVID is all going down.

Too many businesses wanted business as usual, not business as it should be. That is what is costing them now. Secondary and tertiary closings of the same business because of a lack of response to proper mitigation strategies.