Fox Business - Businesses swayed reopening plans

That’s a great number. Good on y’all! Now just don’t get stupid with it. 15 cases that were supposed to fall to zero are…a lot more than that now.

The kung flu is not nearly as deadly or contagious as they told use at the start. I don’t even know anyone who has it.

This has really sped up the fight out of the cities. The Cities like NY and SF are 19th century constructions that are no longer needed for business. And you can’t be sure your inventory won’t be stolen by looters anymore. And who wants to visit placed with such poverty on display.

That is quite odd. I could tell you 40 people who have had it. Co-workers, close family friends, neighbors, most importantly the people who my company provides care for. All people I know personally. I bet we live in drastically different population centers. I have 486,000 people in my county. How about you?

It’s just that two years ago we had a nasty Flu and about 1/3 of the people I know had had it…

And CDC means WHO, and WHO means CCP and friends.

Yes, I remember…and I only knew less than 10 people who got the flu during that outbreak…So what do you think the lesson learned about this is?

This is wrong. CDC is not controlled by WHO…in fact the CDC has nothing to with WHO since Trump cut ties with WHO. So CDC does not = WHO, and honestly, it never did. So there is no ties to CHINA with the CDC.

This is a false pretense.

How fast the grocery store shelves can empty …

The only reason the shelves emptied so fast is that people could read the writing on the wall and they wanted to profit from it.

While I searched Ebay and Amazon and other sites for medical supplies, I saw plenty of toilet paper for sale for 5 times the normal amount. People were economically astute. Eat up the supply, create false demand, and get rich. The only thing I ever had trouble buying was Toilet Paper, and hand sanitizer, and clorox wipes.

I never not had meat, or staples or fresh fruit and vegetables. We always had laundry detergent. And outside of not being able to get my diet Dr. Pepper regularly…We have always been just fine.

one day I got a tip that our local grocery chain was running out of meat. I went and spent about two hundred dollars on fresh meat for about two weeks, and guess what…there was never a problem with the meat supply.

OUr local stores did put limits on things so there would not be any hording. But that was it.

But what else? ABout the Virus itself???

The demand was real, and the response by market forces was assume. If govt was in charge of distribution people would have starve like Venezuela.

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Don’t concentrate the case loads by sending old people to nursing homes like Killer Cuomo did… Other than that it’s not much different than a regular flu. Except it’s an election year…

Wait Trumps government would let people starve? Since when?

This describes our lifestyle as well.

At work we are limiting numbers in the office, spreading out to use different rooms, and masking up when in contact with each other. We are limiting the number of clients in the office at one time. Our guys in teh field are masked ALL DAY. Clients in the field must wear masks when in contact with our crew, or they leave the house.

It sucks and is not helping us make a buck, but it’s better than nothing right now…

Until Nov 4th then the media and libs will lose interest. Disgusting.

That was govt in the generic sense, …obviously!

I didn’t know anyone at all that had had it either until i found out a young lady from church came down with it and has since recovered.

Most people i know don’t know anyone either who has had it.

Not everybody but a number on the left i suspect highly exaggerate the numbers they know.

Political purposes.

I think it’s just a function of where you live. it’s pretty much impossible to live in NYC and not know a few people that had it.

I live in NJ and know…gosh, I’d have to go through the list…20? 25? that had it. But our county was bright red on teh map for a month. I know 6 who have passed from it. No one super close. Two parents of friends, one old friend who I haven’t seen for years, a member of our community who I knew well enough to chat at the coffee shop with, a spouse of an acquaintance, and a friend and business partner of a dear old friend.

FYI, two were you’re than 50 and healthy.

Again, I don’t think this is unusual at all for people in my area. But we were very hard hit and most - all? - of these deaths happened early in teh pandemic when things were the toughest and hospitals were overloaded.

Well when, generically can we trust and not trust the government…generically? Isn’t that moving the goal posts? I mean either the government can be trusted to get things done or it can’t. Personally, I think the government should stay out of the food chain supply and other supply issues, except for areas where it has a stockpile and a duty use those emergency supplies…such as the strategic oil supply, or in this case the supplies of PPE and things for the medical field. Those are emergency situation. Not the market place.