Fourteen rallies for Trump next 3 days-will POTUS epic final push be the difference in another comeback win?

I say absolutely amazing energy will win DJT another 4 years in the White House.

What say you?

Here is Trump’s own rally schedule down the home stretch:

Saturday, October 31st:

(In Pennsylvania all day long - 4 rallies scheduled)

12noon- Washington Crossing-Headquarters during Revolutionary War-Keith House
2:30PM- Reading-like in Monopoly Board Game
5:30PM- Butler-Pittsburgh Steelers country
8:00PM- Montourville-Williamsport -site of the Little League World Series

Sunday, November 1st:

(5 Rallies in FIVE DIFFERENT States)

11:00AM- Macomb, Michigan
01:00PM- Dubuque, Iowa
05:30PM- Hickory, North Carolina
08:00PM- Rome, Georgia
11:30PM- Opalocka, Florida

Monday, November 2nd:

(5 Rallies in 4 States includingTWO in Michigan)

11:30AM- Fayettville, North Carolina - home of Ft Bragg which includes the 82nd Airborne
02:00PM- Scranton, Pennsylvania - nearby where Biden was born
05:00PM- Traverse, Michigan
07:00PM- Kenosha, Wisconsin- yes the same town where there was civil unrest earlier this year
10:30PM- Grand Rapids, Michigan- same town in 2016 campaign for final rally of campaign


It will definitely get out the vote, but most people have already voted.

Look on the bright side…when Joey takes office, he will have to deal with the inflation he caused. Should be a fun 4 years for liberals to defend that.

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What the hell does energy have to do with making one a good leader? That always gets me. Trump is energetic!!! Biden is low energy!!! What hell difference does it make?

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It’s the Trump Loser/Farewell Tour 2020!

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People. Have. Already. Voted.

The die is cast.


HUH - What do you know that many of us apparently don’t-there are estimates that maybe upwards of 150 million people will vote in this General Election?

After all, I am seeing reports that 80 million + are already casted, a far cry from the150 million that are expected.

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Whenever Trump gets out in front of the public his ratings go down. Look at the coronavirus task force press conferences, the RNC convention, and the debates. All of those hurt him more than they helped.

Why would a covid rally increase trump’s chances of winning?


Biden runs the covid-19 rallies, so you got a point, those inspire no one and thus increase Trump’s chances of winning.

That doesn’t make sense. Try again.

Who goes to Trump rallies? Avid Trump supporters…So what the hell is he gaining?

This looks like desperation. If he gets voted out of the White House he goes to the jail house.

Yep, he NEEDS to win this election.

Nope. Won’t make any difference.

I know it happens every election, but I’d be interested to know the tax payer costs with all these campaign stops. I believe he uses Air Force One and I’m sure the security detail isn’t cheap. Probably a drop in the bucket compared to all the golfing though.


Has trump invited Lindsey Graham to any of his rallies yet? I wonder why trump hasn’t mentioned or endorsed Lady G yet.

You asked me a question.

In all due respect, I gave you my candid feedback.

Besides me, it is apparent many people are fed up with Biden’s doom and gloom outlook for America.

Rallies are typically uplifting. But not in the case of Biden’s rallies. Far from hope and pride too.

For example, vaccines in world record time should be coming out starting distribution real soon.

Yet Biden typically downplays most anything with hope and the betterment of the American people associated with Trump as a bad thing.

And all the while, news of corruption continues to leak out about the Biden family shameful behavior. This story on Joe leveraging his high positions in government for personal profit and potentially being compromised with communism regimes will not go away, even if he is put back in power here.

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The MSM broadcasts of J’Biden car rallies aren’t doing him any favors. His handlers are scripting “Ol Joey from Scranton” (left after HS), as this angry old codger pissed at the neighborhood because somebody’s dog ■■■■ on his lawn.
And the “car rallies”? Then he goes on about eliminating fossil fuels? His running mate then goes out and proclaims first order of business is to eliminate Trumps tax cuts? Increase taxes, now?
He should have “Covid” as his running mate because that’s all he talks about. ‘Ol Joe makes the same 47 year old tired hopes, lies and BS then blames the Prez for something that Biden has a “plan” or going to appoint a “commission” to fix.
He isn’t going to be President anyway, Harris and Pelosi will be calling the shots, Biden’s presidency will be a bait and switch. He’ll be gone in less than a year. Why do you think Pelosi is touting the 25th Amendment lately?
Vote Straight Red!

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Not during a global pandemic. All I see when I see a bunch of maskless people crowded together is a bunch of stupid plague spreaders. This is not uplifting.


This is the same energy he applied during his first four years and in spite of all the forces falsely created to work against him, he still accomplished an amazing list.

Now that so much has been exposed regarding the opposing forces and many of those hidden behind the scenes, deep with in government have been exposed and removed during the first four years, the next four should be even better yet! I hope that all of the illegal activity that went on at the top levels of government, get truly exposed even more…that no one can deny, documented by facts and indicted and severely prosecuted for any and all of their illegal activities.

It’s called working for the vote.

The opposite of entitled to a vote.

You either get it or you don’t.