Fourteen rallies for Trump next 3 days-will POTUS epic final push be the difference in another comeback win?

“Well son of a bitch”!

Spreading covid doesnt make me want to vote for you. I think lots of people feel the same way.


This personal push for votes will be studied for generations.

It is unprecedented.

Yes Lindsey was recognized by the POTUS at a North Carolina rally recently.

Also as Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman was in attendance at White House this past Monday for now Justice Barrett’s swearing in ceremony.

It points to the hypocrisy of the protest apologists.

Stay safe…it is your right.

It is the right of others to peaceably assemble.

Point to my hypocrisy. There is none on my behalf. Maybe you’re projecting.

That’s a whole lot of Covid.

I rest my comment on what you quoted.

I appreciate your content contribution.

True that sheer volume of rallies here in 2020 is similar for Trump rallies as compared to 2016 campaign.

However, the ex-factor here this time around is average crowd size.

For example, Trump sometimes gets as many as 25,000 to 30,000 people attending now.

Where as in 2016 crowd sizes were not typically as large. Certainly being outdoors where seating is essentially unlimited this time around propels the attendance #'s massively.

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Presidents used to travel by train and stop on train lines to meet and greet their supporters and campaign via the train rides

Please for the love of whatever you believe in stop thinking that what existed before his presidency was the void


I don’t believe undecideds are attending Trump rallies. Undecideds are also leaning towards believing the real threat of Covid in polls. This is just redmeat for his base he was already voting for him.


Also speaking of undecided, it would be better for Trump if he put more surrogates out there that don’t have a last name Trump. Undecideds are already not sure about Trump and having more people named Trump saying that Trump is great is not swaying them.

He’s been holding rallies for 4 years…I seem to remember Obama be derided for being a “Campaigner in Chief” …Do you remember that little title he was given? Now for some reason that I can’t quite put finger on, the Right loves rallies.

Do the math.

Is 80 million more or less than half of 150 million?

No argument here.

Obama did the same.

His policies needed more sell.

Thank God he’s going to Butler and not Pittsburgh International. Much as I’d love his maskless groupies to get worryingly close to me in large numbers.

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trumps rally have cause 30k covid cases and 700 deaths
according to a stanford study.


Because this close to election his Covid carriers will vote before they get sick.

Besides the people who died from the disease, that’s a lot of people who now have (or had) antibodies. Trump is just going for herd mentality among his supporters.

Even some undecided’s might be “burning with curiosity.”

And it’s a big deal too!

Any town across America often has added intrigue when that candidate is already the chosen one duly elected as their President of the United States too.

We are all free to come out to a rally or stay home or keep ourselves tucked away.

This is America, the greatest country in the world and no matter who is the POTUS.