Four black teens were fundraising for their high school football team. Afootball team. A woman held them at gunpoint

"Police arrived at Kelly’s house Wednesday, Aug. 7 at around 10 a.m., responding to a report of “suspicious persons,” to find the four boys on the ground, with Kelly, who is white, standing over them with a gun.

The boys were allowed to stand up and told officers they were selling discount cards to raise money for their school’s athletic program. Two of the four kids were wearing their football jerseys, according to the police report. One officer immediately recognized the students from interactions with them as a School Resource Officer."

Sounds like a misunderstanding. Have you guys ever sent your kids out to raise money for their schools? Have they ever been detained? If so, why?

Why doesn’t OP make one thread and throw all his racist white nationalist/white supremacist threads/eants in there instead.

Wouldn’t it be easier?


The middle aged conservative white woman.

Right up there with “Florida Man” in terms of erratic, asinine behavior.

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From a parental perspective, especially in this climate, I will never allow my boys to fundraise like this. If it’s something like Joe Corbi pizza or yankee candle, I will allow them to solicit from people at my job, church, family and those we know in our neighborhood.

This could be all a big misunderstanding, but unfortunately this adds to the long list of doing normal things while black.
Let us add, “Fundraising while black” to go along with,
Bbq’ing while black
Napping while black
Cashing your check while black
Playing golf while black
Selling water while black
Living in an upscale neighborhood while black
Cutting grass while black
Staying in an Aidbnb while black
Running for political office while black

It’s getting kind of ridiculous that some people feel our very existence of doing normal things is a threat. Smh


I don’t think one thread can hold every racist thing going on in this country.

I wonder why someone would want these acts relegated to a one and only thread, tucked away out of sight.


Especially a guy who makes a new thread like every other day dedicated to what he sees as the self destruction of the Democratic Party based on little more than his own opinions.


AHA! Total proof that my predictions of panic, fear, and even desperation were right all along!


It’s OP attempt to paint conservatives out to be racist while ignoring their own racism. :wink:

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Let the game of “Both Sides Bingo” begin! Fun for partisans of all ages and persuasions!


It would be nice if there was a one and only rascist thread so the forum wouldnt be flooded with so much garbage


Probably for the same reason we dont throw all the Government and DOJ are corrupt and weaponized threads all into one.

It’s not both sides. Democrats had plantations in the past and have inner cities today. Robert Byrd is resting peacefully knowing his party is still intact.

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You’re right of course. No racists among the right, and certainly not to the depth and breadth of the left.

Carry on.

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Ever have Jehovah Witnesses come knocking at your door?

Now THAT is a serious misunderstanding of who gets to step foot on my property uninvited.


It’s a news story. Politics wasn’t even mentioned.

You remind me of my kid who mentions a broken window even if you don’t bring it up. You know they broke it.


Anyone can “set foot on your property” with the intention of knocking on your door to talk to you/ask for donations/sell you ■■■■■ This has gone through every level of out Court system.

If you shoot at them, you go to jail.

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Hmph. These are my favorite threads.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you just combined all of your threads whining about the “CoJ” into one?

It would certainly make my browsing experience better.


I think we’re supposed to laugh. #Sad

The host of this forum talked about CoJ almost nightly. Take it up with him.