Former Pence aide and Memeber of Cornoavirus Task force said Trump had "disregard for human life"

Portland Oregon is probably the best case study. They have had over 100 days of protests. Their positive tests mirror what the rate has been nationwide over that period of time.

Looks like she had no complaints back in April.

he New York Times reported earlier Tuesday that the task force would be wound down in the weeks ahead, and that it may never be formally disbanded. It is unclear if any other group might replace the current task force.

Pence advisor Olivia Troye and other top White House staff have told senior officials involved in the group to expect it to wind down within weeks, the newspaper reported.

The White House did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment on reporting of a phase-out for the task force.

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The ones in DC that i WENT to.
Which i think outweighs your “I saw it on the web”


No cherry-picking here. I’ve heard it was “the largest protest movement in history”, and they were shoulder to shoulder yelling, spitting, breathing, burning, stealing, destroying…and a good majority were maskless.

With the deepfake technology out there, unless I see something with my own eyes, I don’t really trust it. The internet is full of lies.


Hours after Trump Gassed the peacefull protestors. If you can somehow look beyond all the violence and fires clearly burning, You can see almost everyone with a mask.

I will add that 3rd picture really does have a good looking dude.


No cherry-picking here either.

We saw them on tv. There are pictures and video.

I also have pictures and videos. Just posted. And i have something you dont -First hand experince.


Portland has protested every day since the death of George Floyd. There hasn’t been a spike there.

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You attempting to deny violence and burning in the D.C. riots??

Too funny!

We’re done here.

Who gives a ■■■■

And the ■■■■■■■ are the same people out nightly and wearing gas masks.

No - we arent done yet.
Thankfully -We will be soon. Jan 21st, 2021.


This former trump aide is woke.

No one is surprised - Trump critics OR supporters.

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When libs admit that disregard plus the decades of disregard for millions of unborn lives. Then we could have a decent conversation imo.

I’m hearing record insurance payouts for these “mostly peaceful” protests.

How is that possible? :man_shrugging:

Do you really believe that everyone who is critical of Trump and served in his administration are either bitter ex employees or democratic operatives?

You do…you bought up maskless protests


Troye also condemned Trump in a video released by the group Republican Voters Against Trump, saying Trump once mused that the coronavirus was a good thing because he wouldn’t have to shake hands with as many people.

“I don’t like shaking hands with people,” Troye recalled the president saying. “I don’t have to shake hands with these disgusting people.”

I don’t understand why people are still defending this man. Clearly, he doesn’t care about his supporters or the country. He KNOWS how dangerous his rallies are but he’s having them anyways because they stroke his ego. What does he care anyways? He’s in a bubble are you aren’t getting within 15 feet of him. Let’s see him go walk the line and shake supporters hands. It will never happen. They make him feel important and that is all that matters. It’s all about Trump all the time.

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Oh…I thought it was you who first brought up “Floyd protests were super-spreader events that ultimately infected millions and killed tens of thousands.”

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