Former NC Governor laments elected black takeover of Charlotte, NC

Laments a white dem sherriff getting ousted by a black dem.

“The Democratic Party controls every political body in Charlotte-Mecklenburg,” and “the Black Political Caucus has total control over the Democratic Party.”

duh. The city is what? liberal. and liberals dont want federal immigration laws enforced by the local sherriff.

so they ousted the DINO and elected a person who would follow what the citizens of the city wants.

Has NOTHING to do with race and everything to do with what the citizens of city want.


BTW–Gary McFadden (the black ex-detective) is a no nonsense law enforcement official.

That’s an interesting article. The guy really is a bitter loser.

sounds like the guy is concerned for the black residents there. Baltimore is a perfect example of what the black residents will face.

Baltimore elected the wrong officials.

They will get it right some day.

Its not about race, it about results.


Charlotte OTOH has got it right.


So you’re saying the sheriff believe black people are incapable of governing themselves?

So you are saying…(fill in accusatory racist charge)

Try this. The real message is that the problem is not the color of the skin of the leadership… but the political party.

Sounds like the city government is a blacks only government, or at least that is the complaint. I thought liberals were supposed to want inclusiveness. Maybe not.

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Here a nice anecdote about voters and ethnicity.

The city I live in Dover, New Jersey is majority Hispanic (70%)

Yet we’ve always had a non-hispanic mayor.

so about 10 years about years ago a coalition of Hispanics got together and said they “needed” a hispanic mayor so they went out and elected one. (he got like 60% of the vote). He was an total and unmitigated disaster. City services went south. council meetings were a ■■■■■■■■ Next election he didnt even run and we elected the best person for the job. and have ever since



elections are not (make that should not) about diversity but about electing the best person available.

Thats the way I cast every ballot. I dont care about color; gender or any other standard.

The best person.


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The sheriff brought race into it. Not me. Why would he do that if it had nothing to do with race and only party?

maybe because the entire leadership is black… a statistical improbability if race isn’t a factor in the elections and appointments.

See my anecdote about my city and talk about statistical improbability.

LOL, stats lie.


That doesn’t explain why he brought up race if the only problem was with party.

pretty sure he was lamenting segregation that Democrats have brought to the city. Is “black” a dirty word to you? Or maybe you think he should have complained about racial segregation without mentioning race.

Whatever dude. You should go help Baltimore. They need your insight.

Black isn’t a dirty word to me. I don’t even know what he means since I’m colorblind. You say the entire leadership is black but I’ll have to take your word for it since I can’t tell.

What segregation have Dems brought to the city?

They voted for liberals.


is the city government leadership there integrated proportionately as the race of the population there?

If not, that must be due to segregation, racism, non-inclusion.

Maybe its the govt the people want


Ah, I see.

The problem is you don’t understand what segregation is. Best go look into it.