Former national security adviser supports violent military coup in the U.S

Anyone going to defend this nutjob?

My guess is: not directly.


I just listened to it and it was an answer to a question…not a personal comment but he did elaborate into nutty. Poor choice on his part but…that’s free speech.

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Thread and video title are off. That’s not what the clip shows.

Lock him up.

Welp, Donny did pardon him. He must not be all that bad.

What clip did you watch???

The one in the OP. You?

The one I posted… where he said a coup should happen

Of course he does. I would be surprised if he didn’t. His ideology is shared by many along with those bitches who stormed the capitol on Jan 6th.

He’s one of those who want to keep the WNM in place by any means necessary.

I heard “could”. Wait one.

Definitely hear “No reason, it could happen here…one more”

I’m listening to the tweet video.

I’m hearing Should happen here.

He says .“no reason, it should happen here”

…It’s clear.

I hear “could”. It fits with the question. I listed twice with the speaker next to my ear.

Lock him up!

Interesting thing about listening so close, when the crowd cheers after the question, who do you hear?

I’ll go with it’s what you want to hear…and leave it at that.

It has nothing to do with what I want. I don’t want anything but accuracy.

C’mon man…lol…

Ok, I hear “could”. I should be wrong.

Lock him up.

Are you listening all the way to the end? There is a moment of quiet in there