Former national security adviser supports violent military coup in the U.S


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If a person can’t suggest an elected government be overthrown, is any of us truly free?



Lock him into the national security adviser position for life.

What a solid general. Top notch. Y’all done outdid yourselves, again.

Hey. Remember that time The Vice President wished everyone a nice three day weekend and people got super offended?


Oh. And the only correct answer that Flynn could have given was “No patriot should be calling for a military coup”.

That is the only correct answer to that nut job who was speaking.


That guy used to be National Security Advisor and has become a right wing martyr.

It is incredibly crazy.

I hope everybody has a nice coup.


Why so sensitive to that rhetoric?

There is no chance of anything of the sort. Looks like it is just fun kicking Flynn around. Takes the heat off of the exploding inflation from the current manipulation of the Biden admin.

Go give Flynn another rhetorical kick.

Well, that’s the rub with free speech

That is just nonsense. Of course it could happen here.

For crying out loud, isn’t this one of the main reasons ya’ll insist on gun rights with as few limitations as possible!?


Hey look he got back with the Q nuts after disavowing him. Must have missed the hero worship.

Calling for a military coup, especially one like in Malaysia, the essence of patriotism.

He was at a Qanon conference, so I’m gonna vote a hard “no.”

That’s optimistic.

Sadly, you’re correct. I can only speak for me.

I dunnnnnno. So it was should, but also in that there should not be a coup.

Listened with headphones on, not buying his explanation. At all.

It’s a short clip though in the op, maybe there is more audio but it looked like he moved on to the next question.

Sounds like someone turned bitter after having his life destroyed for no good reason.


as a retired officer cant he be prosecuted under the UCMJ???

Should that have been Myanmar?