Ford: We respect the right of NFL players to protest

Will people start boycotting them as well?

F-150s everywhere will be lit on fire.


Call your local Ford dealers and tell them you want to have a flag burning celebration of free speech on their property. See what they say about it.

Kapperdork is now a shoe salesman… I hope he can do that better than his quarter backing…lol!

Not even close to being the same thing.

Has any NFL player taken up Trump’s offer and brought up a specific cases of injustice done to any American Black person, so he can decide to pardon them or not?

Reps are not liberals…

They’re both idiots. I don’t put anything past anyone anymore.

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Yes, When you blame slavery on the people who stopped it,it’s getting pretty irrational out there…

Especially, when you got rich here’’’

Wait what?

Keep working on it…

What on earth did your comment have to do with this situation?

Not a damn thing lol

It’s a holistic view of the NFL players complaints. Bad cops, legacy of slavery etc… Same old BS>>

There are bad cops. It’s a legitimate complaint.

As for slavery affecting us (and that’s both blacks and whites) today that animal is way too complicated to get into so I’m not.

I full expect burning F150’s on Twitter. Keep the same energy


Because they’re celebrating free speech. That can’t just be for nflpa members.

Why not?..