Ford has suffered $1 billion in lost profits from Trump tariffs

So, the effects of the ongoing tariffs keep pouring in. In the latest development, Ford’s CEO says the tariffs have cost Ford $1 billion in lost profits so far. There are concerns about sales of their autos in China. The CEO predicts further problems if these tariffs continue.

High subsidy payouts to farmers - lost profits to US businesses - these tariffs are doing quite the number.

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how does this hurt Donald Trump or his wallet. hell, he’s profiting from all of this.

My brother works for Ford.

I wonder if his support for Trump is wavering because of this.

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If I’m not mistaken, the Trump organization still has business interests in China. If he really thought the trade imbalance was harming the US, you would think his “patriotism” would have motivated him to close down those interests.

I have heard that some of Trump’s views (such as tariffs) go back decades. And it seems that he has convinced the likes of Kudlow, Mnuchin and Ross. So that makes me wonder if he would be informed about the details (both pro and con) of what is going on? Will the CEO of Ford make this a issue directly with Trump?

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Kudlow and Munchkin should know better. Can’t speak for Ross.

Ross doesn’t care as long as his offshore accounts are safe.

I mean really? How does that guy still have a job?

Ross and Navarro put together the Trump plan saying it would not cost any jobs.

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they deserve it for supporting gay marriage…

I’m sorry you lost me with that logic or is it because its late in the evening?

Just wait till Trump put traiff on imports Ford will go bankrupt.

i’d say Ford will have to fire at least some employees.

This is what winning looks like!

Yeah, Trump was right. If this is winning, I’m getting tired of winning. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Another conservative ghost-town thread… so odd!

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Seems like Ford should stop building factories in China and build a steel mill here? These poor multinationals.

Auto manufacturing is a dead industry just like coal. Bad for the planet, bad for the air, they should be regulated out of business.

So what will be used instead?

Something green and clean, that’s not my problem, we have to save the planet.

Don’t worry about because most Trumpkins post stuff so incredibly stupid it degrades my overall opinion of humanity.