Forcing Socialism upon the American people


Is she including capital gains as “income”?


One thing I’ve learned in 61 years is there is no such thing as a “vast conspiracy”, because vast numbers of people can’t keep their damn mouths shut.

But I’ll play along. Please cite one official action, taken in contravention of U.S. law, to benefit Hillary or damage Trump as a part of such “vast conspiracy”.

BTW, expression of strong political opinion is neither illegal, nor sufficient to prevent one from doing one’s job at the DoJ. Just ask Matthew Whitaker or William Barr.


The federal estate tax exemption was much lower 20 years ago than today. In 1999 (20 years ago), the exemption amount was only $625,000 with a top estate tax rate of 55%. There could have been a significant estate tax on a 1 million dollar home then, however that would have been paid by the estate and not those inheriting it. For reference, the current exemption amount is $11,400,000 with a top rate of 40%. It would be extremely unlikely your family would have had any significant inheritance tax unless the deceased was ultra wealthy.


they didn’t pay that much, that’s what it sold for, and when they built it in the 1920’s it only cost bout 20k, by the time they were old, the land sky rocketed in price, I prolly shouldn’t of said poor in their case, but def, weren’t rich by todays standards


I’m not talking about the specific 70% rate proposed, but the overall taxes paid in Europe, and the more socialist ones in particular. Add all their taxes up, plus the general cost of living caused by the high tax rates, and it does not add up to a better economic system or standard of living. Gas prices alone are sky high. Do you recall just a few months ago in France- the riots over the new tax on gasoline added because of global warming?

As I said, Americans are not going to give up their standard of living and pay higher taxes voluntarily. Every step toward socialism is based on lies told by people who themselves will never live under the misery it always produces. Bernie Sanders is a hypocritical liar and Nutzio-Cortez is an ignorant, hypocritical liar.

It is impossible to provide all the free things the liars seeking votes are promising without taxing everyone into poverty. It happens every time…


A conspiracy is a PLAN to do something harmful or illegal, not just something actually carried out. But many things were carried out and only discovered ( despite every attempt to cover all traces) because empress Hillary did not win. Their was way too much criminal activity to hide and destroy, so the Justice department run by Hillary sycophants just ignored and covered it all up.

One action?? You’re kidding right? Using a Clinton paid for opposition report as a basis to begin an investigation, lying to a FISA judge, high ranking FBI officials talking about taking out an “insurance policy” to prevent Trump from being elected. If these actions don’t point to a conspiracy against Trump, you’re blind.

You used my argument on the Mueller report. Vast numbers of people can’t keep their mouths shut, if Mueller had criminal activity he could prove against Trump, it would have leaked out by now.


For some reason the Democrats on here think that they know better, than
people who have actually lived through things first hand on here. lol.


The Clintons are completely 100percent!!!

Bill never cheated on Hillary, and “he did not have sexual relationship with that

I’m sorry, I couldn’t say that without laughing. I tried not to, but I couldn’t
help it, cause I knew I was lying just now. lol. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Do you remember that time that Billy Bob went on national television and told
the country how well he worked a deal out with North Korea, and that it was
a really good deal? And now they have nuclear missile silo’s? Ooops, I guess that
he lied, and I guess the liberal media isn’t going to cover that. lol.


That ain’t no strawman, it is something we must be wary of, even if it is not upon us. The founders would agree I’ve no doubt.

We have certainly been headed in that direction.


Got a link?, lol just kidding, I tell the Democrats/Liberals to watch Fox News sometimes, they wont need so many links.


they would only change it to Fox News Possibly if there was some technology where they didn’t have to speak into a remote, or go to all the trouble of pressing a button. That might hurt their fingers, or voice, and then they’d sue Fox News, because somehow it would be their fault then. lol.

Now it they could simply just think of changing to Fox News, and it would
automatically do it, then they may watch like 10 seconds or so.

Then they’d come back and say that they already know what Fox News says
because they’ve seen it before. lol. :rofl::rofl::rofl: