Forcing Socialism upon the American people


Do you mean as concerned as Democrat Politicians would take assets or money wise after a person dies? compared to leaving their hard earned money
to their relatives?


After the 10 millionth dollar?

Sure. I have no problem with an inheritance tax like that.


After the 10 millionth dollar?
Sure. I have no problem with an inheritance tax like that.

I wouldn’t have a problem either, but that’s not the case, they take from everyone even the poor people, not just those that have over 10 million dollars.
I’m poor, and what I have I want my kids n grandkids to have, not the Government, they already got their share of it… Christ people wake the hell up n smell the coffee


Link to the law that shows that the estate tax affects poor people.

Thank you in advance.


man, all you people want is links, don’t you pay attention to the details in your lives as you live it?
sorry, I cant help you, nor do I have the time, it will be one thing after another that you need to analize


Just asking for something that backs up your argument.

If you truly believe that the estate tax takes money from poor people then it would be very easy to show the law that backs up that belief.

That’s all.


And actually… I was wrong about the 10 millionth dollar. The estate tax kicks in on the dollar amount after $11,180,000


my wife’s grandparents past away and they paid taxes on their land, and they weren’t rich people either, I don’t have a link, just know what ive seen with my own eyes and had to deal with personally


Depending on what state you are in those would have been state estate taxes levied and not federal taxes.




If it’s so great there, why is all the immigration to here?


When was this… because currently California does not have an estate tax.


bout 20 year ago


Ask them.


Strange. California got rid of the inheritance tax in 1982. The estate tax went away in 2005 but it was tied to the Federal tax which taxed over the the 5 millionth dollar.

Hardly for poor people.


I have no idea, I just know they had to give the state money once they sold their home in palos verdes, bout 1 million


Maybe it was a seperate tax and you are mistaken.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the estate tax… and that is on purpose.


I have no idea, I just remember my wifes aunts mad about the money they were havn to pay, I just assumed it was to do with death tax laws


How did poor people pay 1 million in taxes?


It certainly wouldn’t, if that were what AOC or any other leftie supported. Please stop saying this, else explain (if indeed you understand it) that what is proposed is a MARGINAL rate of 70% on AGI over $10M. That means only income (after deductions) over $10M is taxed at that rate. We’ve had high marginal rates before in times of great prosperity.

But, fellow posters, if your pre-tax income exceeds $10M, then by all means weigh in here with your well-earned outrage. I’ll be over here, not holding my breath.