Forcing Socialism upon the American people


Why do the Liberal Democrat Politicians in Washington want to “Force”
Socialism upon the American people?

At the State of the Union Address, President Trump said that America will
never be a Socialist Country.

What were the Politicians reactions? The Republican Politicians stood up and chanted USA! USA! While people like Bernie Sanders(Father of Socialism, and a Democrat), sat there looking really mad.

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House and from the wreck of a state California,(Cali is an example of how Socialism doesn’t work, and it’s a Liberal Democrat run state), sat as well, not chanting USA.

Why didn’t the Democratic Politicians stand up and chant USA also?

I guess this shows how much the Democrat Politicians don’t really like our country the way it is, and want to change it in every way that they possibly can.

Ultimately, if the Democratic Socialist Politicians get their way, and can make the United States of America into a Socialist Country it will ensure that they can stay rich, while the middle class become poor, and it becomes a one Party government of Socialists. Conservatives and Republicans will be wiped out, and everyone will rely on the government.

This way they get ultimate power, but why should they care what happens to the rest of the American people, just as long as they’re rich, and have the power and the money to do whatever they want, whenever they want?


Socialism is a matter of your outlook on life; shall I reach for the stars or would I be better off without the risk of life itself and…settle for the average outcome? That’s so sad when anyone would derive this as the better of the two and shame, shame, shame…on those two that brought that decision maker into the world.


Owe. That’s not what Wikipedia said it was.

Socialism is when the government owns the means of production.
Businesses therefore would be government owned, and government


Republicans…the boys who cried “Socialism!”.


Democrats…the people who force Socialism, at times want to be called Socialists,
and at other times don’t want to be called it at all.

A lot of Moderate Democrats, Libertarians that normally vote for Dems,
don’t want to be clumped in with their far left wing radical Democrats.
It’s kinda one of those things that they brought upon themselves.

As a Conservative I’m going to continuesly try and make sure that the Democratic
Party is exposed as much as possible for who they truly are!
With that, they will lose a lot of the votes in the middle of the spectrum, but
that’s their own faults.

They’re going so far Radically to the left, that I doubt
that when election time comes and they try appealing to the middle,
they’ll already have lost them. That’s when Democratic Politicians will constantly whine
and say stop calling us Socialists, were not Socialists. lol.


I think it’s really good y’all are working this out. Keep us posted.


2016: Democrats want to take away your guns.

2019: Democrats want to take away your burgers.


These ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ better know we are coming for their burgers.


Some Conservatives it seems need something to fear at all times no matter how silly it is.


Liberals pander in fear plenty. The world is like ending in like 12 years dontcha know.


Ban scientists, all they do is find things to worry about.


I haven’t seen anyone in the dem party advocating anything like your Wiki definition of socialism.


Didn’t trump just give farmers more subsidies (your tax dollars… my tax dollars) because of his failed tariff plan?

Who’s the socialist again? Would it be the guys redistributing wealth?

Just asking… amirite?


Hey there, nothing wrong with corporate socialism.


Corporations are people too, my friend.


Curse you Citizens United


cough Social Security cough


End social security and pay me what I and what my employers have paid in for me with interest and I am fine with getting rid of SS.


And Medicare as well…


That’s not the way social security works. Never has been