For us Europeans Russia isnt an enemy

And here is why:

  • the cold war is over for 28 yrs
  • we are ethnically allied with Russians
  • we share the same history, culture and religion with the Russians for centuries
  • we get gas from Russia, despite of some hostilities (I know Trump doesnt like that). Pls keep your fraking only for you, we dont need huge areals being destroyed by that technique. Getting gas from Russia its the much better solution
  • lots of politicians proposed already during Obumas admin to lift the sanctions on Russia (even the former socialist admin of Italy)
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I am sure East Germans totally agree.

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Like…who? Perhaps you didn’t see the videos in linked you of the 2012 right-wing America rhetoric toward Russia.

Russia doesn’t have a history of expansion.

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Those who dont agree totally on that are the Polish and teh Baltic states, which fear that Russia could invade them some day. Thats because Poland has territory dispute with Russia since WW2 and earlier and in Baltic countries there live lots of Russians

Oh crap. I spoke too soon.

The Troll Farm didn’t pay enough to improve your English.

Better have them ask for a bigger budget.


Should America care about Poland and the Baltic states?

No, I’m sure you and the rest of those residing in the European city of St. Petersburg have no problem with Russia


You don’t get to love Russia, Russia love you. You have opened the world to Russia.

Ethnically aligned with Russians? Can you expand on that? At least in terms of why that should be of relevance for Americans…

Renzi’s admin in Oct 2016 and the new admin renewed that much more aggressive now.
Former PM of Bavaria Seehofer (now German secretary of interior) criticized the sanctions on Russia Feb 2016

The only ethnic alignment russia has with Western Europe is the fact that they’re white. Other than that, not even close.

much rather you should ask yourself why should it be relevant for Europeans your paranoia and hysteria regarding Russia…

You are the one making a point about ethnic alignment. Why should that matter to the American people?

Wrong! Some Russians and the nordic people of Scandinavia have the Vikings as common ancestors. Then the Caucasian heritage is common for many Russians and soem European ehtnicities

It matters for Europeans and we have enough of your warmongering towards Russia

Hahahaha this is hilarious

and btw, those Americans coming from Northern regions of Europe are ethnically allied with Russians as well

I know that the reality looks hilarious from your liberal bubble …:roll_eyes:

My French born and EU citizen bubble mind you