For the first time in American history part of the military will work without pay

for the first time part of the American armed services will be required to work without pay as the shutdown keep going without an end in sight.

As Coast Guard paychecks went undelivered Tuesday as the result of an ongoing partial government shutdown, the service’s top officer urged its members to stay the course.

In a public letter published Tuesday afternoon on his social media pages, Adm. Karl Schultz said the day’s missed paycheck, to his knowledge, marked the first time in the history of the nation “that service members in a U.S. Armed Force have not been paid during a lapse in government appropriations.”

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There is absolutely no excuse for this.

Sure there is.

Trump wanted a pissing contest to keep Mueller out of the headlines as much as possible.

(I didn’t say it was a reasonable excuse.)



All because of a wall that Fat donald promised Mexicans would pay for.

For the first time in American history part of the military will work without pay

If…this is true…I’m ashamed?

Its very much true.

It’s not true. They’re a volunteer force and we don’t pay volunteers.

The reason is because the coast guard is under the Department of national security and not the Department of Defense.

True, true, TRUE, TRUE…eh?

Donald Trump does not care if they work without pay. They are more patriotic than most Americans. They want to do this to save America. They aren’t like Democrats.

quasi military members.

Not under the pentagon and department of defense budget.

Coast Guard can enforce and arrest people for breaking US Law in US jurisdictional waters. Military is forbidden from doing that by law.

Phew…as long as they are quasi military members…


Even if these men and women are not real troops, they will still support Trump. We know that they know that border security is important because they protect our borders every day on working days. They are important to our national security, so they won’t get paid until the Democratic Party agrees to pay for the border wall. Nancy Pelosi is a witch and should let Donald Trump tell her what to do. This is the way everything works, otherwise we will have no government.

They are not quasi military they are an offical branch of the U.S military.

So your saying they break federal law by enforcing civil criminal law and making arrests? US Military is prohibited by law from doing that.

I guess you should call the Pentagon and tell them to fix their website.

Maybe Dem’s should petition to put them under funding from the defense appropriation every year then.

They will under the defense appropriation till the Republican moved them to the DHS.

Link to when this happened?

Department of Homeland Security

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