For an Old D.C. Veteran Like biden, Running the Gubmint is Like....Riding a Bike

The old fool took another tumble today while livin it up in Delaware.

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Hope he’s okay.

He looked VERY presidential when he went turtle on the ground.

Old man falls.

News at 11

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shuffle carefully down the slippery ramp though two weeks maniacal coverage.

what a world, huh?


Is this the approved and official talking point, or is this one of your “profound” statements you’ll repeat about 40 times acting like you have a point??

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Falls can be very serious. Especially for old farts.

He fell. So what?

I crashed on my bike a month ago. My shoulder is still screwed up.

It happens.

I do seem to recall the Democrats glee in attacking President Trump because he walked rather cautiously down the wet steel ramp of a military cargo plane while wearing leather soled shoes.

You know damn well the Media had their cameras rolling just hoping he would fall.


Here is the thread that was on that

You can see every word that I wrote about Trump and the ramp here.

Guess what? Lots of people have health issues, especially Seniors. I’m sure you are too young to remember FDR was in a wheelchair his entire presidency. Eisenhower suffered a heart attack during his administration. Not sure what your point is.

I was responding to the media hurting your feelings.

It was rather strange to bring that up randomly and I thought that it would be helpful to see what I wrote about Trump and the ramp.

Rides his bike almost as bad as he runs the country.

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The media could never “hurt” my feelings as you can only be hurt by those you respect.

What the media does is disgust me with their lies and partisanship. I’m fairly certain I’m not alone in that opinion.


Oh… well… you brought it up… I assumed that it was important to you.

It’s symbolic of the face plant he is doing to the country!


maybe it’s time to stop pretending he’s fit enough to ride bikes and serve as c in c


As with the Challenger disaster and the September 11 attacks, I will never forget where I was when the news broke:

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Fever dreams…



Ummm, he was stopped, feet on the ground and he collapsed, he didn’t “fall” or “crash” while riding.