Florida Spike in Cases

Serious troubles in Florida due to the delta variant and a lack of vaccination. I’m hoping Fox will push vaccination hard to save lives.

Florida on Saturday reported 21,683 new coronaviruscases, its highest one-day tally since the pandemic started – and a 50% jump over the last week, according to health officials.

Cases have ticked up around the country as businesses open up and the delta variant spreads but Florida accounts for around one-fifth of all cases in the U.S.”


Some hospital emergency rooms are getting worried and putting out local press releases to refrain from coming in unless absolutely necessary.

Might want to hold off on getting excited about that and look at it again in 3-4 days.

The US had 101k day before yesterday and 50k yesterday.

Does that pass the common sense test?

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sounds like we need to keep the curve flat again huh?

Oh, that scary vary!



Sometimes there are interruptions and burps in reporting that can be deceiving, but the extra busy emergency rooms are cause for concern.

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Ahhhhhhhh…so that’s where Biden is flying those infected illegal immigrants?


It looks like a data dump to me.

As for the ERs, I’d like to look at some cases. I’m wondering if this media-induced Delta panic is causing some of it.


You’re trying to build a trend on two days’ worth of data?


by shutting everything down of course

how long this time do you think?

I hear this one is even less lethal than the last panic. A week to flatten the curve ought to do 'er!


Not gonna happen.

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and why not?

No doubt it is. There are higher numbers in ICU than normal in some reports I’ve heard. I haven’t done much research though, I don’t expect to alter my behavior much.

Rhetorical question.

not rhetorical. actual question

Good luck with that:

To which you know the answer, making it rhetorical. Basically, it’s over DeSantis’ dead body lol. He won’t have it.

This spike in cases due to the Delta variant has been predicted for weeks/months.