Florida Mass Exodus

Expect a mass exodus of businesses in Florida to Texas not if, but when the recount is finished showing the Democrats won the house and senate seats and they impose a state income tax. The courts have already ruled there isn’t enough evidence of election fraud to investigate. It’s the biggest reason all that $ was dropped into Bozo’s campaign in Texas, the Dems want state tax there also.

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Florida State Constitution prohibits a State Income Tax.


It’s not happening they will go to the highest courts Broward County and especially the supervisor there Brenda Stipes not even the left trusts.

Dial back the talk radio.


The republicans have control of the Florida house with zero chance of change in this election, it’s not even close and there are no seats being contested.

The Democrats in Texas do not want a state income tax. Please stop making stuff up.

Yep…and there’s something in it about when the vote has to be finished counting after the election too.

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You really think the Florida constitution matters? The left doesn’t even obey the US Constitution unless they can use it to strong arm the right.

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Like the democrats are believable and trustworthy.

I’m not sure you understand how a constitution works on the state and federal levels.

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Keep drinking the kool-aid my friend, will see how it plays out, but the only way to slow the socialist movement in this country is to use the same tactics they do which the right doesn’t have the stones to use.

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Kool aid? Dude, look it up. The Florida house is VERY strongly republican, it’s not even close. I don’t think you have a clue what you are saying or something. Several races are contested yes, and it’s national news, but the none of the house seats are involved in that.


Then provide a link to your claim.

Gillum withdrew his concession of the Florida governors race.

What businesses?

Disney World? The hotels and restaurants lining the Florida beaches?

“As the state’s No. 1 industry, tourism is crucial to Florida’s economy – generating 23 percent of the state’s sales tax revenue and employing more than one million Floridians. In 2011, tourism was responsible for welcoming 86.5 million visitors to Florida and generated $67.2 billion in direct economic impact.”

  • For every dollar spent on tourism marketing, VISIT FLORIDA generates $177 in tourism spending and $11 in new sales tax collections.
  • VISIT FLORIDA’s vision is to establish Florida as the No. 1 travel destination in the world.
  • Every 85 visitors supports one Florida job, which means a growing tourism industry equates to increasing employment and a stronger economy.”


Why wouldn’t he, as close as it is?

Just as much as the Republicans are, sad to say.

Our entire political system is corrupt…and we, the citizens, have let it become this way…

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LOL. You think recounts happen in a left wing vacuum? There are republicans counting with them and looking over each others shoulders every step of the way like a den of thieves divvying up cash after a huge bank robbery.

As to your spending twenty two years protecting freedom, don’t expect to see any denigration of that here. Virtually everyone here appreciates that and there are a ■■■■ ton of veterans here as well, so don’t even bother with that line of attack.

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Not yet anyway.

See my twenty two years in uniform and being a United States citizen gives me the right to use that line of attack if I damn well please. If you don’t like it, don’t read it that’s your right, what isn’t your right is to speak for the veterans in Florida! They are plenty capable of doing that for themselves trust me.