FISA abuse, Ohr/Steele/Contact, Fusion GPS, What happens next!?

Sekulow (Trump legal team) told us today that the team has countered Muellers interview recommendations and pointed out the all the irregularities involved with this case.
-Ohr was #4 DOJ under RR and his wife worked with FusionGPS to retain the Phony dossier from Christopher Steele.
-Steele was fired by FBI for lying/leaking intel, but Ohr continued comms.
-Page/Strzok obvious bias
-Comey needed a special counsel so he leaked a memo of Convo with FBI agent

Sekulow strategically explained to those who kno how to listen, the exact process how things will go from here:
Mueller will issue a report under his own authority to the DOJ [[RR]] and RR determines what goes forward. Trump legal team also presents a report containing all these ‘irregularities’ and DOJ decides from there.

Looks like the ball is in [[RR]] court. PICKLE! When he signed the FISA he either KNEW about Ohrs involvement with Steele and signed anyway, OR didn’t read the FISA in its entirety before signing, either way UNACCEPTABLE.

These next 90 days will be the most important days of 2018. Trump camp will use Time as a weapon as he drops these bombshells right before the midterms!

I can’t help but think they’re setting the stage to reveal the FBI/DOJ corruption during elections, which will then reveal the bias/improper handling of the DNC server &HRC emails investigation that comey and McCabe tried to sweep under the rug.

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…drip, drip, drip…and I’m luvin it. :sunglasses:

What exactly had dripped? More knuckle-dragging bluster from Sekulow and Co.

If they had SOMETHING AT ALL, Trump wouldn’t have been able to help himself but to tell us about it by now.

And wasn’t in back in March that Sekulow was saying he had filed a petition to shut this all down and reveal all anyway? Well, we’re at August, and all Sekulow, Giuliani, and Trump have done is flail around grasping at new narratives.

It’s hard to identify a redacted drop but…slowly and surely…it’s being unredacted.

Bread crumbs.


10 char

I expect nothing less from you.

Aka-nothing. Just checking.

I mean, you keep claiming there’s dripping when you can’t even specifically state WHAT is dripping.

What’s redacted?

Redactions aren’t drips. Redactions are redactions.

I highly suggest you see an ENT if you keep hearing dripping-it may be a medical issue.

If unredacting anything would benefit trump he would have done it yesterday, because he has zero self-control.

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Maybe one day, you’ll wake up?

I’m not the one assuming that “redaction I haven’t read=thing I want to be there.” That’s you.

The dripping you’re hearing isn’t real.

…and that’s the same consistent, non discerning stance you’ve taken for two years.

Trump as president has the final say in classification, he could unredact everything today…yet he does not :thinking:

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Truth is the redactions actually help more then hinder Trump and company as they work best in ambiguity

Trump could redact all of it right now…there is no need to wait…its fun watching you get conned right in front of your face


Yep. We have yet another one in our midst. Added to the growing list. @Drs Are you still sticking with your prediction of there just being 10 or so here, my friend? :wink: