First woman and POC on the moon

The article highlights this: first woman and person of color on the moon.

Will progs be OK if the first woman on the moon has a penis?

And what percentage of “color” in the DNA will be satisfactory? Does Asian “color” count?

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Is this important to you? Does it bother you if it is important to other people?

I don’t really care nor do I care if it is important to other people.


I wonder if “she” will be a minority of the LGBTQI+ community so that this mission is socially current? I mean…“we” all know how important that is…amirite? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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A show that I recently worked on “Only Murders in the Building” has each episode from the viewpoint of a different character.

One of the episodes is from the viewpoint of a deaf character, so the entire episode is communicated either through sign language with subtitles, text messages or physical forms of communication.

It is quite a good episode.

An old college friend of mine whose daughter is hearing impaired who upon finding out that the actor who plays the deaf character is himself deaf, she told him that watching that episode that she had felt “seen”

So yes… it is important to some people to see people like themselves represented.


Imagine getting all worked up about hypothetical nonsense.


Imagine having such cognitive dissonance over one’s answer that they change the subject.

Leave it to old white Joe to make sure that happens.

All good questions that will have to be ironed out before the final flight. That is what test flights are for. Yes, I noticed that they did not specify how many of various genders would be represented, listing only the cis genders. I don’t recall how this was resolved in the 1970s flights.

I hope when “making sure that happens”…in this instance, it has a better outcome than “making sure that happens” leaving Afghanistan prior to the 9/11 anniversary?

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But apparently it was important enough to you as to whether it was important to other people whether it was important to other people for you to post the above.

…and in this instance, I don’t now how anyone could possibly conclude anything else. :+1:

My wife and I are watching it now. Fun show!

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If Sarah Palin were president this would be old news by now.


From the movie Iron Sky.

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Um, ok.

Truthfully… I’m surprised that progs haven’t declared that Neil Armstrong was a closet tranny.

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Actually… by the time it happens, Joe will have been put out to pasture.

And also… given the incredible emphasis on diversity hiring and diversity promotions being more important than merit, I would not want to be on any moon mission in whatever vehicle they cobble together. It’s more likely that if they even go to the moon, they will have to use a Russian vehicle.

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Is that why she was chosen?

It obviously can’t be that hard to get to the moon if diversity matters more than actually getting there.

This is fantastic news! :+1:


It’s weird that the article talks about a woman of color, and you automatically pivot to penis

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It would be if it were not for progs trying to teach our children and normalize the bizarre belief that women can have a penis. You can pretend that’s just a normal thing to say or that it is one of the most insane attempts at social destruction that has ever been foisted on a society. I choose to believe it’s the latter.

Your gaslighting slip is showing.

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