First Trump Impeachment vs Biden China collusion

Sean, I’m a bit pissed that nobody is keying in on the fact that the dems tried to impeach Trump the first time for Russia collusion and that happens to be the same crime Biden and his son are most likely guilty of as well ugh China…■■■? Impeach 46! Impeach 46!

Welcome to the forums. Most likely guilty does not mean squat. I am pretty sure that Trump put a lot of pressure on the DOJ to find something he could tag onto Biden. And my bet is that Barr didn’t find anything. And what would be Joe Biden be guilty of? And impeach him for what crime he has committed as POTUS?

Oh, you need a crime now?


A crime is always required. And I know that many here do not think that Trump ever committed a crime.
And be it as it may, he was impeached twice for specified crimes. And he was not convicted once and perhaps will be a second time.

If he had actually committed a crime, he would be facing criminal instead of political prosecution.

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He is already facing enough criminal investigations.

Is there a limit? No, if anyone thought there was a criminal case to be had for incitement or insurrection, he would be criminally charged. That he hasn’t been, should tell you something.

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Impeachment is a political process, not a criminal one. And a sitting POTUS can not be indited.

He is no longer sitting.

That does not mean that he won’t be. Both the NY AG and the Manhattan AG have made public that there are investigations in process. I think that there are a lot of people who thought that Trump would be indited the day after he left office. Just because he was not, does not mean that he won’t be in the future.

For inciting insurrection?

If they indict him for incitement or insurrection they will have their asses handed to them.

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That is what he was impeached for. He will not be indited for that in NY State.

Because, wait for it, he never committed the crime.


Like I said, because of politics he may escape conviction again.

Roger Stone might be indited for it though.


Could you list the criminal statutes that were alleged to have been broken in either article of impeachment?

Like I said, impeachment is a political process not a criminal one. The “high crimes and misdemeanors” can be whatever Congress say they are. So there are no criminal statutes in play.

There is no such thing as a “High Crime” the term is solely defined by the House as anything they view merit impeachment.