First time since 2002 a president hasn’t visited troops on Christmas

Great idea. He could explain to them how he’s the reason they’re working and not getting paid in person.

Just imagine if Obama failed to visit the troops overseas or skipped going to a WW memorial, the righties would be outraged and calling him anti-America. But when Trump skips these things, nobody says a peep.


He’s too busy wallowing in misery as he is all alone in the WH (poor me–God that makes me laugh) as he waits for Democrats.

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Guess Donny couldn’t get Mexico to pay for his trip overseas to visit some Troops at Christmas?

Many Right Wingers did blow their gaskets when President Obama went to Chicago on Memorial Day in 2010 to speak at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery while VP Joe Biden spoke for the Nation at Arlington.

President Obama, it was reported, hoped to bring attention to the fact that there is more than one National Cemetery for our Military, and that is perhaps why he chose to go to that location. Sadly extremely stormy weather marred his trip there.

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Such disrespect from the Coward in Chief towards the men and women that are defending America. I’m surprised he even bothered to call, especially given that it’s now known that a podiatrist did Fred Trump a favor and filed fake reports about Fatso Donald’s “bone spurs”.

Fattie Donnie - a monumental embarrassment to America.

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Good on him.


So sad he had to be shamed into making the trip, though.

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And nobody complained that Melania flew to Mar a Lago ahead of trump AND had to come back to the white house. Remember when Michelle Obama went on vacation ahead of her husband? This place was in meltdown about how it was a gargantuan waste of money. My, how things have changed.


It doesn’t seem possible that they’d be able to slap this trip together in the last few days so I don’t know that I’d say he was shamed into doing it.

That photo could have been taken anywhere. If they were going to pay actors for a photo like this they should have gone for some that could pass for infantry.

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Yep. Trump finally acts on visiting the troops overseas.


Yeah, I would be inclined to agree, except that he would have been happily ensconced down at Marred-A-Lago if it hadn’t been for the terrible optics that would have given us in the middle of a Trump Shutdown.

There is nothing altruistic about that man.

He no doubt figured his Christmas Vacation was already ruined so why not make good out of it by getting that Iraq photo-op, maybe make up a little for his WWI anniversary blunder.

Where is he right now? Iraq!

It took 2 years and a government shutdown that ruin his Mar a Lago trip but yep he did it.


Maybe in another 2 years he’ll be doing his final farewell tour to Iraq…one can hope.


He has nothing to lose, except more Taxpayer’s dollars!

Good! I’m being serious. That was a good thing on his part.