First Time Being Embarrassed


Dont confuse me! Im not an American, nor I do live in USA, but in Europe. I always considered McCain, GWB, Romney and the likes of them total idiots. As I started to deal with American politics and got more and more involved in debates, I learnt that there are Americans as well who have that opinion and call that kind of “Republicans” RINO…


You’re missing the point.

Republicans, over the last 6 years, have flip flopped on Russia at least a few times. First they found them dangerous, then when Obama dismissed it and said the cold war is over, they all sided with Romney about how dangerous Russia is, and how all of the sudden, we’re back to being totes cool with Russia, like Obama said in 2012.


I’m not embarrassed to be an American, but I am strongly embarrassed at the mistake some American people made in electing this buffoon to be President. It places America in a very bad situation on the global stage. The world is laughing at us right now.

But, this will pass soon. Hopefully, enough Americans will come to their senses that we can get this idiot out of office in 2020 if Congress doesn’t do their jobs before then.

My only hope is that next time, we elect someone with the common sense to make things right.


I thought we loved Russia. Heck, Hillary had the reset button AND sold them 20% of US uranium. Now, we have a problem with Putin?

Since when are liberals worried about Russia toppling the US. Y’all have been trying to do that for decades … on steroids for the past 8 years.

Love Che Guevara and Stalin…bow to middle eastern leaders… apologize for America’s history …

Geez. Make up your minds.

It may not have been his finest interview but I am proud to be an American and I am proud of President Trump. …

Lesson learned from today? Don’t politicize our intelligence agencies and media. … hell, Putin is probably taking notes for future reference.


You’re really confused.


So the OP wrote this an hour ago. Many of us have felt embarrassed when trump was campaigning.
However, yesterday was the first day I actually apologized to clients. Yesterday the Brits. Today the Canadians.


How ridiculous.


Trump is an embarassment for self-respecting Americans.


Self-respecting? Wearing a ■■■■■ hat is self respecting? Hysterical.

Self respecting and liberals…HYSTERICAL


50% of Russians say they are Christian. Putin also professes the Christian faith, so maybe the Russian Trolls are in the Religious forum of Hannity.


Donald embodies the worst in humanity - lowbrow, crass, egotistical, entitled, greedy, and vain.

I’m proud to be American, and simultaneously ashamed it’s led by this jackass.


Hells bells, you just described DC and the media.


But not Donald?


Trump is part of DC.


Yes trump has been embarrassing but this is the first time I’ve truly felt embarrassed, like on a true emotional level…as opposed to some shallow/rational level


Kudos - so few Trumpists will admit that.


As much as I can’t stand Trump, at least he hasn’t started a foolish war that has resulted in the deaths of tens, or probably, hundreds of thousands of deaths. Yes, I think George Bush has a good heart, but he was seriously misguided and so far holds the title of worst president in my lifetime.


Trump should have kept that stuff for domestic politics, not for public meetings in Europe with Putin. Yes, he has done his own apology for America now.

  1. I’m not a grumpiest

  2. 5 minutes in DC and the taint is there


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