First Time Being Embarrassed


Hang on - when Obama said to Putin he would have more lattitude after the elections you and the rest of the right we’re calling Obama a traitor and you considered Russia an adversary but now as a true trump cultist Russia is our friend and Putin is considered more reliable than our own intelligence services. I seriously have no words.

I used to jokingly say Trump could endorse Abortion his supporters would flip positions and explain why TRump is correct. Today I actually believe it.


Worst than the apology tour! What was equivalent was when trump defended Putin a couple years ago saying “You think Our country’s so innocent”. Nothing compares to today.


Oceania was at war with Eastasia.
Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.


we’re still gonna go much, much lower.


There’s is much more digging to be done before we hit bottom.

Today was a bad day for America. It is not over.


Were you embarrassed when Hildawg spent the night in the private dacha looking at the “tiger map”?


But but but but Obama is all I’m reading here tonight! Grow a pair Trump supporters and stop deflecting by blaming obama! Embarrassing…


I would have to know what the hell a hildawg is before I knew whether I was embarrassed by it.


a Republican President siding with the ole communist over American institutions.

who are the commies now??


Former KGB officer Putin batted Donald around like a cat does a ball of string. Donald was shown to be feckless, cowed, and submissive.

For the first time ever, those old memes of Dubya grinning and saying “Miss me yet?” make perfect sense.


Okay George.


Borrow mine and acknowledge the failure your Obama’s was.


No problem, Tucker.


Strozk, Brennen, Page, Comey, Obama’s, Hillary…


it appears the republican you voted for is the communist lover now.


I’ve never voted Democrat so try again!


Watching Sean tonight.
I am embaressed for you and your family.
Trump is temporary.
The mark on your character after today will follow you the rest of your life.
You sold out your country for 30 pieces of silver.
Nice knowing you.


Really? I voted for Ted Cruz. … keep trying.

That being said, I was a never Trumper but I have been pleasantly surprised. I am a supporter of President Trump now.


So you voted for Hillary in the general?


Nope. I did not cast a vote for either. I wrote I acted Cruz