Fired for putting the law above loyalty to trump

The difference is, the GAO has statutory conclusive authority to determine what the law requires, and neither the OMB nor any other executive agency do.

No…They didnt want to wait who knows how long while it went through the courts.

They dont swear an oath to the president

Do you understand what the role of “comptroller” is?

Hint - it’s not mindlessly parrot the President’s agenda.

She was asked to break her oath,
she refused and was fired for it.

Which one takes priority?

clearly some people think the government swear loyalty to the President and not the law, I was unaware America was a monarchy.

they are a congressional watchdog. they have the authority to determine what the law is for the congress, not the administration. this is, exactly what it has been for every administration, a policy dispute with the congress about what the law is.


There is only one law.

I was also unaware that our constitution allows the president to decide on what is lawful or not.

their problem

Good thing we don’t have emails saying that there was some concerns or nothing.

of course it does. how else is he going to administer the law other than to determine what it requires? can he be wrong? hell yeah. thats what courts are for. to determine who’s interpretation is more correct


The President doesn’t decide what is lawful.

with many interpretations.

There is only one interpretation.
the judicial branches.

of course he does. but he only gets the first bite of the apple. there is no other way to administer the law than to first determine what it requires

No he doesn’t the President isn’t a King.

lol. the judicial branch only settles disputes. they do not interpret every law written

The President can’t simply wave his hand and make illegal act legal.