Fired for putting the law above loyalty to trump

trump nominated Elaine McCusker for Pentagon comptroller and chief financial officer .
she advised budget officials what the law said about funds for ukraine.
the GAO found her interpretation of the law was right.

today trump pulled her nomination. their rationale?
“This administration needs people who are committed to implementing the president’s agenda, specifically on foreign policy, and not trying to thwart it,

she wasnt trying to thwart anything. she simply knew the law and was trying to prevent the administration from violating it…and for that she was basically fired…

This is totally normal.

What if implementing the agenda and is illegal or generally harmful to American values?

fired for policy differences with the President? who’d a thunk it

“Policy Differences” is the new Republican code word for “Breaking the Law.”



gao has an opinion. omb has a different opinion. who’s opinion should executive branch personnel adhere to?

The opinion of Congress, whose authority President Trump was unlawfully ignoring.

The OMBs purpose isn’t to decide what the law is. That’s literally the job of the GAO.

I’m glad you’ve decided to live in a “Post Law” society. I’m sure it will go well for you.

■■■■■■■■ again. omb has lawyers who’s job that is. the one place an administrative official should not be getting their opinion is from a congressional watchdog agency that every administration has ignored, and siding with them against the opinions of the administration. her opinion of the law is irrelevant. she’s not there to have an opinion, she’s there to implement the policies of the administration.


perhaps you’ve heard of separation of powers? congress has no authority to direct executive branch personnel.


Congress controls the check book, it was the executive stepping outside checks and balances.

i knew the cult of trump would defend him. if trump does it it must be ok in their book, nothing he does is ever wrong…

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■■■■■■■■ again. congress has oversite authority, if they don’t like the way the executive spends the money they have options. no-one stepped outside of anything except the fired person who stepped way outside of her role. she is there to implement the policies of the president, not the opinions of the congress (as if there was one)


when the obama administration ignored the gao was it okay? you libs have truly lost your minds.


What’s more important…What Trump wants, or following the law?

nobody should ever be fired in washington

Yea Ok…lol. How did that work out when congress asked for documents during the impeachment investigation?

whats more important for executive branch personnel is following the law and policies as directed by the president. there is a difference of opinion on what the law requires between the executive and the congressional watchdog. this is nothing new.


worked out great, apparently they decided they didn’t need them

President Trump did not have the authority to take that money and do whatever he wanted with it.